Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Trash to Treasure

We had noticed this "jar" sitting near a trash pile, and my husband decided to see what it was.  It was full of dirt, and covered in grime.  After soaking it a while, it looked much better.

The shape and color is very nice.

At first I thought it might be a globe for a lamp or some type of candle holder.

The bottom has an opening, and no markings.

Do you know what it might be?

This is how I'm using it.

It's made of thick bubbled glass.

Any guesses??

Know what this was in its former life?

  It makes a wonderful vase for faux flowers!
It's a vintage fly/wasp trap!! 
Once yucky, now pretty!!!

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sprucing the Front Porch

While shopping for kitchen curtains the other day, I came across this great cushion, and knew it would be a perfect fit for the porch swing at the lake house.  I was definitely on a red kick that day, but I really like the pop of color it adds to the porch.

Those "big ole" green striped cushions had been on the swing, but they were so big, and slipped everytime I tried to sit on the swing.  They are a perfect fit for the cheapo white chairs though, and make them look better.

While at Rite Aid today, I bought a table for the porch, and moved these two chairs.

The table was a great bargain at $29.99.  It was the last one the store had.  It is great quality and quite heavy.  

I spray painted this old wooden goose, and dressed her in this hat that belonged to my MIL.  

I had some pieces of an old floral garland, and hot glued them to the hat.

She waits beside the door to welcome friends!  
Come on by and we'll have a glass of sweet iced tea.

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Monday, May 27, 2013

"Reddy"ing the Kitchen

We are at the lake home for a few days, and I decided to make a couple changes in the kitchen.  Since this is a mobile home, it has the wall panels that have a design on them, in this case the colors are blue and green.  I decided to try to find some curtains for the kitchen. Unfortunately, shopping around here is somewhat lacking, (to say the least) but I took a chance on the Wal Mart about 20 miles away.  I didn't see much that really popped out at me, but decided to bring some things home, knowing I could return them if I just couldn't handle the way they looked.  I spent around $70.00, and am o.k. with the changes.  (At least it's a change, and that makes me happy).

I recently hung this topper over the sink, but didn't have a matching one that would fit the door (very near the window)........

so, I dug around and found this one for over the door. (UGH)  It gave privacy, but that's about all!!  It was too short, and i had to hang it with rings.

The Better Homes and Garden line at Wal Mart had some cute kitchen curtains, and this is the pattern I chose.  They give a French vibe, roosters, and fleur de lis, and look more cheerful than those blue ones.  

The 36" tiers cover the entire window in the door.

 (close up of pattern)

I bought 2 rugs that blend well, I think.

The rug underneath the table was blue, so it's gone, and in its place a smaller one in a tan color. 

I bought these plates and placemats to blend with the new colors.

And, look who is checking it all out.....  Mother Hen!!
(this is very old, the hen is ceramic, belonged to my MIL)

I changed the centerpiece on the table to this.

(I love this old sifter)
I also made some changes to the hutch.

So, what have you changed?

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Painting A Vintage Table

We had planned to go to the lake house this past Monday, but learned that our granddaughter will graduate from kindergarten tomorrow morning, so we decided to wait and leave after that.  We will be traveling most of the day tomorrow, so I wanted to show something I did this afternoon.  

I've had this little vintage table for several years.  When I bought it, it was brown in color.  I later painted it white, then just recently dry painted the top and "apron" with a Valspar sample called Green Water.

Today, I decided I wanted it all painted the green color, as I had already moved it from the guest room to the sun room.  Here is the new look!

I wanted good coverage all over, except I left the edges with white showing thfough.  I may add some more white as accents, but that will be after we return from the lake.

Here it is with a vignette on top.  

The picture is of a small lad riding in a wagon.  It was a gift to me a number of years ago, and is a favorite.

Hubby has been busy getting everything cut before we leave for a few days, and I made a couple of shots of the back yard.  

Isn't it pretty?  He does such a great job keeping everything cut.  I loved the shade across the grass, and wanted to share it.

Hope you all have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!!  Take care!

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Cloche Encounters

Marty (A Stroll Thru Life) is having a fun party so we can all show off our cloches!  I always enjoy her parties.  She's such a gracious hostess.  Be sure you stop by to see all the decorating ideas for using your cloches.   Right now, most of my cloches are holding birds.  Come along and see them.  I've really enjoyed using them this way.

First up, though, is my cheese dome/cloche that I filled with ceramic roses.  I made this early in my blogging days, but recently painted it aqua and added a fleur de lis.

This swirly cloche sits on a Limoge plate, and covers a sweet birdhouse.  It is part of a tray vignette on the coffee table.

The colorful bird in this cloche is from Dollar Tree.

 I love using this large cloche with the white pedestal, and the key with yellow ribbon blend in so well.

 You've seen this little bird before.  The sign it carries says "Joy".

Here the white bird in the cloche is a DT purchase from about 3 years ago.
The pink bird was only 80 cents at HL.

This little beauty came from Queen of Hearts at Buford, GA. (love that place)!!

I hope you've enjoyed seeing my birds and cloches. Which is your favorite cloche and bird?  Don't forget to go visit Marty!!

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