Monday, May 27, 2013

"Reddy"ing the Kitchen

We are at the lake home for a few days, and I decided to make a couple changes in the kitchen.  Since this is a mobile home, it has the wall panels that have a design on them, in this case the colors are blue and green.  I decided to try to find some curtains for the kitchen. Unfortunately, shopping around here is somewhat lacking, (to say the least) but I took a chance on the Wal Mart about 20 miles away.  I didn't see much that really popped out at me, but decided to bring some things home, knowing I could return them if I just couldn't handle the way they looked.  I spent around $70.00, and am o.k. with the changes.  (At least it's a change, and that makes me happy).

I recently hung this topper over the sink, but didn't have a matching one that would fit the door (very near the window)........

so, I dug around and found this one for over the door. (UGH)  It gave privacy, but that's about all!!  It was too short, and i had to hang it with rings.

The Better Homes and Garden line at Wal Mart had some cute kitchen curtains, and this is the pattern I chose.  They give a French vibe, roosters, and fleur de lis, and look more cheerful than those blue ones.  

The 36" tiers cover the entire window in the door.

 (close up of pattern)

I bought 2 rugs that blend well, I think.

The rug underneath the table was blue, so it's gone, and in its place a smaller one in a tan color. 

I bought these plates and placemats to blend with the new colors.

And, look who is checking it all out.....  Mother Hen!!
(this is very old, the hen is ceramic, belonged to my MIL)

I changed the centerpiece on the table to this.

(I love this old sifter)
I also made some changes to the hutch.

So, what have you changed?

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