Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sprucing the Front Porch

While shopping for kitchen curtains the other day, I came across this great cushion, and knew it would be a perfect fit for the porch swing at the lake house.  I was definitely on a red kick that day, but I really like the pop of color it adds to the porch.

Those "big ole" green striped cushions had been on the swing, but they were so big, and slipped everytime I tried to sit on the swing.  They are a perfect fit for the cheapo white chairs though, and make them look better.

While at Rite Aid today, I bought a table for the porch, and moved these two chairs.

The table was a great bargain at $29.99.  It was the last one the store had.  It is great quality and quite heavy.  

I spray painted this old wooden goose, and dressed her in this hat that belonged to my MIL.  

I had some pieces of an old floral garland, and hot glued them to the hat.

She waits beside the door to welcome friends!  
Come on by and we'll have a glass of sweet iced tea.

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