Friday, June 7, 2013

A Tiny Oasis

I don't plant a lot of flowers any more because the bending and stooping is so hard on my arthritic knees!  All I have this year is a few pots of petunias, and a pot of geraniums.  There is a little spot between our mudroom stoop, and the front porch that is just right for a small potted garden.

The little angel stands guard.
At one time, this area was full of periwinkle.  Some still grows in around the edges.

These steps go into the mud room, but we usually enter through the garage, so I am leaving these pots here for now.

 My geranium is off to a good start.  I pulled up some ferns beside the river today, to see if they would grow, but I think the sun is too hot for them, so I'll pull them out of the geranium pot. 

Do you plant lots of flowers, or like me, do you just have a few?


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