Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Adding Farm House Elements (and An Unusual Find)

First, I will share an unusual find we came across while working in our basement over the weekend.  We have combined the household I had with my late husband, my hubby's household, some of his mother's things, and some things that belonged to my family.  So we don't know where this may have come from, but I think, maybe my family may have had it. At any rate, it was neat to run across it and I wanted to share it with you.  At first it looks like a dipper of some sort, or a ladle, except it is very heavy, and made of steel it looks like.

It is marked on the back RICHMOND 6 1/2.  I did some research, and found that it is an Antique Cast Steel Smelting Pour Spout used by Blacksmiths.  I remember that my parents had an old anvil, and this may have been part of a set.  

That is one unusual item we uncovered, and I have another that I will share soon.  I have plans for it, so that will be coming up later.

I've been so busy today.  I cleaned house for 5 1/2 hours, then did a couple of  quick DIY projects.

I added graphics from the Graphics Fairy to a couple of wooden tool carriers that I have and chose graphics with a farm house look.  

First, I painted this small trug that I got from Michael's a couple of years ago.  It was painted a very pastel pink. (shown here).  It had the word 'Spring' and a butterfly painted on it which I had covered with a bible verse below.

Recently I have been using it on the breakfast table to hold the S/P, and paper napkins.  So, today I painted it white (Valspar sample), and added a pig graphic to each side.

Graphic via (Graphics Fairy)

You may remember the large trug I bought at a consignment shop a couple months ago.  

I painted it white, and added ASCP dark wax, and painted the inside blue.

Today, I added Rooster graphics (Graphics Fairy) to each side of it.

I replaced some of the items with very old milk bottles.

 It sits on the dining room table.

Since I had not run out of steam, I decided to do something with the landscape burlap I bought recently at Lowe's. (approx. $10.)  I made curtains for the laundry and mud rooms.  I roughly measured for the length I wanted them to hang, and cut two for the mud room, then had just enough left to hang a curtain on the door going out of the laundry room.

This burlap is loosely woven, & has a fringed edge.
I used tension rods, and old curtain ring/clips I found in the basement to hang them.  I simply turned down a small fold at the top, put the clips on and slid on the rod.  Very quick no sew project. Total of 3 cuts, and done!!

See the fringe?

 Looking out toward the stoop.

Old clips I used.

Curtain for the door. (still lets in plenty of light)

So, that's what I've done today!  Now it's time to cook dinner!

(Fresh from the Farmer's Market)

Corn (off the cob)
Green Beans with whole potatoes
Tomatoes & Cukes
Squash (stewed with onions)
Corn Bread
Sweet Tea

(No Dessert)
"cause I'm tired"!!!!!


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