Wednesday, July 24, 2013

House Plants Thrive on Screened Porch

During the summer months, I move my indoor plants to the screened porch where they really thrive.  I try not to over water, but usually water about twice a week when it's so hot.  This summer my Anthurium has just thrived.  Right now it is just full of blooms.

It has been sitting underneath the ladder where it gets the benefit of the blowing rain, and drips from some of the other plants higher on the ladder, and I think that is why it has so many blooms.  It normally will only have about 2 at a time.

Here you can see how full it is, and all the blooms.

This plant came as a cutting from a friend/co-worker of mine.  It has done so well!

The blooms look waxy.  There are about 2000 different species of these plants, I discovered.

My Christmas Cactus is thriving, and so full!

The plant in the top pot is a clipping from my periwinkle.  It died during the winter, but came back strong in the spring.

The succulents are doing well.  I pinched off some of the spider plant, and the hens and chicks, and created the pot seen in the little white bowl.

Do your house plants thrive outside?  


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