Saturday, August 24, 2013

Front Porch Days

This visit to the lake hasn't been as hot as normal for mid-August, so we've been able to sit on the front porch quite a bit.  I recently found this nice table at Rite-Aid for $30.00.  It's just perfect for the porch.

I'd love to find a couple more like this for the home in the mountains.  We need at least 2 more of these.  It's extremely sturdy, especially for the price!

You can see I visited the Dollar General.  Bought this little stacked wire pumpkin decorated for Fall for $7.00.  

I thought it was so cute!

Miss Duckie has had a little face lift.  She used to be all brown, with blue and mauve hearts and letters saying "Welcome Friends".  She looked rather country.

The aqua paint fairy got hold of her, painted her all up, and gave her a new look!
See those ruby red lips!  Look at those long lashes!!


She's all ready to welcome guests.  She even has a new design on her body!  
I used a stencil, then free-handed the flower stems.

 Her back other side is different.  
I didn't keep my numbers straight.  The "No." is free handed.

View looking out the front door.

Come on in, and I'll get you a glass of sweet tea, filled with lots of ice!


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