Thursday, August 8, 2013

Organizing the Craft Closet

The closet in the guest room that I use for a library/office, is where lots of my craft supplies are stored, (along with a little of everything).  It had gotten in a mess, and had begun to bother me.  Since it's rainy and dreary today, I decided to straighten it up a little.


I've been sticking everything in there, and nothing was neat, just pure clutter!!

I removed a large bag of trash, tiny scraps of fabric, paper, all kinds of stuff.  I made two trips to the basement with items that needed to be stored down there.

Getting there.  I can actually see my sewing machine now!

Similar items are sorted and placed together.

Still not what I had envisioned though!

I know, I need labels!!

Not fancy, but so much better!!  Labels were printed on regular paper and attached to containers with tape.
Blue container is a recycled Wet Swiffer Refill box.  They are great for coralling items.

By using what I had on hand, this cost nothing!!

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