Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Painting Grain Sack Stripes on an Old Table & Trunk

Lots of folks in blog land are adding stripes to furniture, tables, fabric, and all kinds of things.  I have added stripes to a couple of items that I want to share with you.

This table belonged to my paternal grandmother.  I barely remember her.  I do remember using this table like a desk as a little girl.  It was dark brown.  Years later, I started sanding the top and went through multiple layers of paint.  Even an old newspaper sheet was underneath all the paint.  I had used a stripper though, and the paper was ruined, so I don't know why it was there.  

When I first started blogging, I was introduced to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  This table was the first item I painted with it (Olde White).  I was getting the feel of the paint and dark wax, and ended up waxing it very heavily.  I decided I liked the "stripped" look that the wax brought to the table, so I left it that way.

Here is the table before the stripes were added.  I love the khaki color the Olde White, and Dark Wax left on the piece.

The paint is a Valspar sample, Polar White.  First, I taped off the area to paint the stripes.  I just eyeballed it.  I'm much too impatient to measure!  

Here it is taped off for three stripes, one large center one, two thinner stripes on each side of the center stripe.

I quickly painted over the tape and bare areas between, being sure not to go past the edges of the outside edge of the tape.

Here are the stripes after allowing the paint to dry for a while, and removing the tape.

I added the same vignette back to the table so that some of the stripes would show.

 I recently shared this old trunk that belongs to my husband.  I covered the inside with fabric, painted the outside, and added fleur de lis designs.  I decided it needed some stripes as well.  The same process was followed on the trunk.

Have you painted grain sack stripes on anything?  I think it adds a lot of fun to these old pieces, and it's really easy.  Give it a try.

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