Saturday, August 31, 2013

Turquoise Corner

I'm fighting the urge to go shopping for more "stuff" (that I do NOT need), so I decided to give this tall candle stick a makeover.  I found this some years ago at Kirkland's, and it had a little piece at the bottom that had been broken off, so instead of $49.99, it was $10.00.  It started out gold, then I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Olde White, with dark wax for the first update.  Well, it was looking kinda blah, so I painted it with Green Water by Valspar.

 Olde White

 Green Water

I brushed the paint on, not trying to get it into every crevice, because I planned to distress it.  While the paint was not quite dry, I gently rubbed a sanding block across the areas where I wanted the white to show through.

This made it very easy to get a distressed look.  While I had the paint out, I painted this little angel plaque.

It was drying quicker than the candle stick, so I had to rub a little more to get the distressed look.

Where did I put them?  Why in the sun room of course!

They sit on the vintage table painted the same color, and below the picture whose frame I painted with Green Water too.

So here is my turquoise corner!

So what do you do to fight the urge to shop for more "stuff"?

(I still might have to go look through some consignment shops)!  That's what Saturdays are for!



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