Monday, September 30, 2013

The Domino Effect

We've all talked about it!  When you move one thing, it starts a domino effect. Yesterday I showed you how I changed the family room mantel by placing my aqua frame on it, instead of the white gate.  This is what happened to the gate filled with Fall flowers.  It switched places, and was put on top of the jelly cupboard where the frame had been.  

This way I can use some shades of blue in both rooms.

Then the shutters which were temporarily sitting on the hearth were moved to the entry table.

Here I am using them as a back drop.  You can see my attempt at painting hydrangeas in a white pitcher.  I'm trying to teach myself to paint.  Not very good at it, but I enjoy trying.   Here is the dryer vent pumpkin I made last year.

These flowers came from the dollar tree, and look really good for a dollar a bush.  

Now the entry, family room, and sun room all have orange and blues.  

Oh, guess what I did this morning???

I packed up a bunch of decor items I had stashed in the guest room closet, and carried it down to the basement.  Then.....I went through all my bins (20 or so), and sorted everything into the bin it should be in, made new labels for all the bins, and it looks so much better!  It felt so good to get that done.  I had let it get into a mess.

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Making Changes

Well, it has started!!  I've started re-doing the Fall decorations.  This always happens because I decorate too early, then I have all that time to 'wonder' how something else would look.  Since I had the day to myself, I gave in to my 'wondering' mind and changed a bunch of stuff!!  It's unreal, y'all!  Anyway, since things are changed up a bit, I'll show you what I did.  

The mantel looked fine like this.

What did I do, you ask??

Changed it to this.

I bought this garland today on consignment for 1.99.  They had two about 5 feet long, and I got both.

Changed that to this.

Finally, to this!


I moved the shutters to the hearth, but I don't know if they will stay there or not, probably not.

Next I changed up this table by adding the basket of fall foliage from the hearth, and raising the height of the wire cloche by placing it on a crystal cake stand.

Below is the before of the table.

I like featuring the aqua in the family room since it feels warmer than the white decor I first had on the mantel.  I moved the gate that was originally on the mantel to the jelly cupboard in the sunroom.  I'll show all that later.  

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Chicken Wire Basket Collection

I've seen on a few blogs where folks have found some really cute items for the home at Tractor Supply Company!  Well, we had one open about 4 miles from my house a couple of weeks ago, and they are having their grand opening celebration this weekend.  We went in to get dog food.  They had the kind our dogs love 50# for $18.00.  We bought 200#. Since we were there anyway, I decided I would look at their home decor items.  I was pleasantly surprised!! They had lots of empty space on the shelves where folks got there before me, but they had two of these chicken wire cloches left.  Cutest little thing!

It holds twine, and a little pair of snips to cut off what you need.  I just had to bring one home with me.  I've bought several pieces recently made of chicken wire.  I was happy to add this to my collection.

I got this basket lined with burlap at my favorite consignment shop, and filled it with a small arrangement I already had.  Love the colors.

The one to the right and back was found at Wal Mart.  It is shaped like a little pail, and holds a pumpkin and acorns.

This basket came from an iron and metal works garden shop. I filled it with doilies and Fall potpourri!!

Above is my current collection sitting atop the pie safe!  I just love these, and of course my wicker/rattan tray that was a gift from my first MIL.  I painted it recently to brighten up the colors on it!

Doesn't this make a pretty vignette?  I think so, and love it with the apple prints.  So Autumnal!

So pretty in Sepia tones too!

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall Banner, and Lantern Update

While in Dollar General recently, I picked up a pack of leaf cutouts.  It contained 10 (I think) for a dollar.  I stenciled the letters F A L L on them, and made a banner for the mantel.  

I've shown this lantern several times, most recently when I added a spray I made to it as an early Fall decoration.

I had been thinking about painting it white for some time, and finally decided to do it.  

I used a Valspar sample paint in white, and small brushes you would use for really small crafts.  The strips over the glass on this piece are very narrow.  It was a little tedious, but I am happy with the makeover.

I painted it, sanded it for a little distressing on the corners, used an exacto blade to scrape off the places where I got paint on the glass.  I left the top as it was, except I painted the laticed area white.  

Inside it holds a golden yellow candle, and colorful Fall leaves.  Then I tied burlap around the handle, and inserted some more Fall picks into that.  It sits in the sun room on my little aqua stool.  

On the shelf of the stool, I added my large yellow bird, and a Fall candle ring I got at Good Will a long time ago, and added silk leaves to it to make it fuller.  

I really, really like it so much better now.  I think the white will go better with whatever seasonal decor I am using.  What have you made over recently?

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fluffing My Fall Nest

As you know by now, I love puttering around and making changes, mostly small changes, here and there.  Today was one of those days.  I took the old wreath I'm using this year off the door, and removed some of the older items that had faded, and changed out the bow.  I like it better with the white bow.



I had this ribbon left from a wreath I made for my Great Niece.
The other items I added were some I had from 1 & 2 years ago.

I bought this burlap flower at Hobby Lobby.  I think they are so pretty.  I bought it thinking I would try to make some.
I like the interest it adds to this vignette.

I tweaked the dining room table by putting the drop cloth table cloth on and using this ladies scarf as a runner.  The scarf was bought a couple years ago in the Wal Mart ladies department.  Its Fall colors are so pretty.

I added some orange scrap paper to this old yellow wood box, and arranged some fabric pumpkins with it.  

I added a few pumpkins to the jelly cupboard.

Don't you just love chicken wire??

Have you fluffed your nest for Fall?

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Officially Autumn

This weekend, it will be official!  Autumn will be here, according to the calendar!   Our temperatures have become a little milder, and our days shorter.  My granddaughter (6) asked me today what I liked about Autumn.  We each named off different things we liked.  She loves the colorful leaves, pumpkin farms, trick or treating, cooler weather, etc.  I explained to her that I loved those things too, and toasting marshmallows, the smell of a wood fire coming from someone's chimney.  It was so sweet to get her take on what Fall means to her.  Smart little girl, my Rheagan!  I picked her up from school and carried her to get her nails polished.  She chose light green polish!  Then we had a snack next door at a sandwich shop.  I love our talks!  You can learn a lot from a 6 year old, especially one with a vivid imagination, and a creative spirit.  She loves doing crafts, drawing, coloring, and "writing books", oh and dancing!!  

Here are some other things I like about Fall too!

Baskets filled with leaves

 A wreath I made for my sister's room at the Assisted Living Facility where she lives. 

The colors of Fall added in unusual places, like this wicker tray that I updated with orange, green and brown paint!

Pumpkins in the china cabinet.

Fall berries and burlap ribbons.

Warm, vibrant colors, baskets, tool totes, white dishes.

Warm textures.

Burlap wreath with a burlap flower

Pumpkin under cloche

Just a few of my favorite Fall things.
What do you like most about Fall?

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