Sunday, September 29, 2013

Making Changes

Well, it has started!!  I've started re-doing the Fall decorations.  This always happens because I decorate too early, then I have all that time to 'wonder' how something else would look.  Since I had the day to myself, I gave in to my 'wondering' mind and changed a bunch of stuff!!  It's unreal, y'all!  Anyway, since things are changed up a bit, I'll show you what I did.  

The mantel looked fine like this.

What did I do, you ask??

Changed it to this.

I bought this garland today on consignment for 1.99.  They had two about 5 feet long, and I got both.

Changed that to this.

Finally, to this!


I moved the shutters to the hearth, but I don't know if they will stay there or not, probably not.

Next I changed up this table by adding the basket of fall foliage from the hearth, and raising the height of the wire cloche by placing it on a crystal cake stand.

Below is the before of the table.

I like featuring the aqua in the family room since it feels warmer than the white decor I first had on the mantel.  I moved the gate that was originally on the mantel to the jelly cupboard in the sunroom.  I'll show all that later.  

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