Friday, September 20, 2013

Officially Autumn

This weekend, it will be official!  Autumn will be here, according to the calendar!   Our temperatures have become a little milder, and our days shorter.  My granddaughter (6) asked me today what I liked about Autumn.  We each named off different things we liked.  She loves the colorful leaves, pumpkin farms, trick or treating, cooler weather, etc.  I explained to her that I loved those things too, and toasting marshmallows, the smell of a wood fire coming from someone's chimney.  It was so sweet to get her take on what Fall means to her.  Smart little girl, my Rheagan!  I picked her up from school and carried her to get her nails polished.  She chose light green polish!  Then we had a snack next door at a sandwich shop.  I love our talks!  You can learn a lot from a 6 year old, especially one with a vivid imagination, and a creative spirit.  She loves doing crafts, drawing, coloring, and "writing books", oh and dancing!!  

Here are some other things I like about Fall too!

Baskets filled with leaves

 A wreath I made for my sister's room at the Assisted Living Facility where she lives. 

The colors of Fall added in unusual places, like this wicker tray that I updated with orange, green and brown paint!

Pumpkins in the china cabinet.

Fall berries and burlap ribbons.

Warm, vibrant colors, baskets, tool totes, white dishes.

Warm textures.

Burlap wreath with a burlap flower

Pumpkin under cloche

Just a few of my favorite Fall things.
What do you like most about Fall?

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