Thursday, September 19, 2013

Stuff Happens

UGH!!  Computer problems!  Is there anything more aggravating?  I carried my ASUS (< 2 years old), into Best Buy to be checked, because all it would do is just freeze and sit there doing nothing.  No matter what I was trying to do, it would hang up and the only way to get it to stop was to turn it off at the switch, because the mouse, nor keyboard worked!  It's so frustrating.  When I carried it in on Tuesday, they thought I had picked up Malware.  Upon further investigation, they determined that the hard drive is on its last leg!  So instead of sinking a lot of money into a computer that was really slow anyway, I bought me a MacBook Air!  It's really nice, so I am back in business, now and can show you a few things, plus visit you and comment!  I sure have missed doing that this week.  So, without a computer, I had time to try some new things, like painting on canvas!  Now, I am by no means an artist!!  I drew/painted the pumpkin using the instructions of Jennifer Rizzio.

Then I painted this from a photo of a picture I saw at a hotel over the weekend!

It is fun trying new things.  I didn't prime the canvas, because I didn't realize I needed to.  Before I try this again, though, I will!   

I have already shown you this rusty-looking candelabra that I recently bought.  I moved it to the breakfast nook, and had an idea of putting this little wire pumpkin on top of it.  Cute!!

What have you guys been up to?  I will be able to make my rounds now and that's what I will do tonight!

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