Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Acrylics on Canvas (DIY)

I am having so much fun teaching myself to paint.  I have finished two more pieces.  I have looked at paintings others have done, then in an attempt to learn blending colors, and learning techniques for painting, I've watched some You Tube presentations that give ideas and explain how to obtain certain looks. Here are my two latest attempts.  

Both of these were someone else's ideas, I just tried to make mine similar. Getting shading to show up, and using white to highlight the petals of these tulips were the main thing this one taught me.

The one below was easy to do.  Again, it isn't exactly like the one I looked at to try to mimic the look.  This background and the moon, was good practice in blending colors, and painting silhouettes.  That was lots of fun.  

I'm pleased with how they turned out.  

I've done a total now of 6 of these and am loving the learning process.   Of course, it's trial and error, but the beauty is, if you make a terrible mistake, paint over it!!  

My next one is going to be sunflowers on a red background!!  I have the background painted and drying now.  Hopefully, I'll start the sunflowers tomorrow!

At this rate, I need to find a bargain outlet for canvas.  They can get a little expensive.   

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