Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Back Home at Shadymont

Well, we are back home in the mountains!  We came home Saturday, and have been working to get everything back to normal here.  We get everything looking so good at the lake, then come home and start here.  So are the days of our lives!!  :)   We do enjoy keeping everything done, and at least we don't have a schedule or deadlines we have to meet.  We can go at our own pace, which is a little slower than it once was.  Just no need to rush now.  Retirement has its good points!!

I've puttered about in the house today and did the mopping, vacuuming, dusting, and other cleaning.  Then I put on a pot of chili to simmer for supper.  

It's much cooler now so the plants were brought in when we got home.  My daughter came one evening while we were gone, and placed some of my favorite plants inside because there was a freeze warning.  Don't know what I would do without her!!

For the moment, we moved the ladder where I had the plants on the screened porch, to the sunroom, and have the plants there.  Most of them will eventually get moved to the basement I think.

I wanted to show you my Christmas cactus.  I think it will be loaded with blooms in a few weeks, maybe sooner. 

Just look at those buds!!

I have a couple of items I haven't shared that I bought about a month ago at a consignment store.

I loved the color of this pillow and the roses, and had passed it up on one visit to the shop, but since it was still there the last time, I decided to buy it.

On that same shopping trip, I found this styrofoam pumpkin.  

This is a shelf in the hallway near the master bedroom.

I have three more of my "paintings" to show you.  (I use the term paintings, very loosley)!!   

Yellow Flowers on Red

As I've stated before, I am attempting to teach myself to paint!  I've learned, I need to stick with simple pictures at this point.  

Poppies in a Pail

Preening Peacock

Of these three, this is my favorite.  It was surprisingly easy to do.  

My attempts to paint yesterday and today didn't produce good results.  I guess some days, it's just harder.  

My step-son brought me a boquet of Fall flowers Sunday!  Nice!!

I'm really enjoying the turquoise with burnt oranges in my decor this season.

I've used that color combo throughtout the house.

I'll leave your with another look at the "Preening Peacock"!

That's it for today!  

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