Monday, October 14, 2013

DIY Cloche From Chicken Wire

Do you love the look of chicken wire?  How about cloches?  How about a cloche made from chicken wire?  They are really easy to make, and it only takes a few minutes.

I had some leftover chicken wire from when I placed it in the doors of the jelly cupboard.  So after seeing some of you make a cloche from the wire, I decided I would try to make one too.

Here is the finished project.

 It was a really easy project.

 Would you like to make one?

How to make a chicken wire cloche:
1.      Cut a piece of wire the length and width you would like your cloche to be.  In this case, mine is about 12 inches tall, and 8 or 9 inches wide.  
2.      Carefully mash out the wire to flatten it some, and then bend it in a large circle the diameter you want it to be.  The diameter of mine is about 5 inches across (after it is made into a circle).
3.      Use needle nose pliers to gently bend the wires around each other at the seam, to form your circle.  
4.      Continue bending them the entire length of the wire. 
5.      You will form a cylinder.
6.      Carefully bend the wire at the top so that wire meets wire in the center all the way around the circumference. 
7.      Bend the wires around each other to hold them in place, and make the top of the cloche rounded.
8.      I attached a drawer knob to the top.  I took a piece of wire, wrapped it around the wires at the top center, then hot glued the knob to that wire.  
9.      Last, I spray painted it with ORB.
10.    Cost    $0;  I already had everything!

I tied a piece of leftover ribbon around the top, placed the sweet stacked jack-o-lantern inside and placed all on a gold pedestal stand.  

Cute, easy, quick project!!  

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