Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Life Around the Lake House

Today I'm sharing some pictures of the scenery at our lake house.  
Our place is across the street so this is the neighbor's dock area.  They are elderly, and have been unable to come down for a year or so.  We plan to do some work around their place while we are here this time.  They are such dear friends.

This bush, below, is in our yard.  I hope to find out the name of it from another neighbor tomorrow.  

This is a closeup of the flowers....

and the buds.

These are in the neighbor's yard,

I loved this pile of flower pots she had stored below an out building.

Below is a hydrangea my hubby transplanted for me.  Hope it does well.

I got a cutting from this aloe plant today.  

Our little cottage.

Our neighbors philodendron.

Where our birdies bathe.

So there you have a tour of our little place at the lake and that of our sweet neighbors.  Hope you enjoyed a stroll through our yards.

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