Saturday, October 12, 2013

Recent "I Did it Myself" Projects

First off, I am not one of you talented ladies who can build furniture, do fabulous furniture makeovers, upholstery, large sewing projects, etc.  I tend to do small projects.  Projects that are fairly quickly done.  Instant gratification types of projects.  If it requires days and days of work, I'm probably not going to stick with it.  In light of these flaws in my character, I am going to share a few things with you that are the kinds of projects I typically do.

I've been trying to teach myself to paint on canvas.  No lessons, no idea what I am doing, just putting paint on canvas, and seeing how it turns out.  The first canvas I painted was from an idea Jennifer Rizzio showed on her blog of how to paint a pumpkin.  Below is my version.

Next I painted this flower in Fall colors.

Then, I painted a pitcher of hydrangeas.  

My last try is this wheat which I used a stencil to do.

I'm having so much fun trying my hand at this.  I slap on some paint, hang it and look at it a few days, then usually change something about it, or add to the painting.  

Another example of a quick project is changing the look of an old vase, by painting the flowers with leftover craft paints.  I mixed two or three colors to get the color I wanted.

I made this wreath for my great niece.  These take around 2 hours for me, because I wire everything.

I painted this lantern, and decorated it.  

I updated my wreath with ribbon, more pumpkins, and our initial.

I made a sign for the towel cabinet for guests.

I had an idea to use this 2 tiered basket for the guest bath.  So I filled it with items guests might need.

Quick projects like painting the front and back of these shutters is my favorite kind.  I painted one side light blue, and the other white, giving me 2 options for a backdrop.

This burlap wreath was a quick project.  I just poke in whatever I want to for each season.  Very versatile.

Painting this old tool trug was quick and easy, as was adding the graphics (which you can't see here), to the sides.  I painted the outside white, and the inside of each section a light blue.

Painting this woven tray with Fall colors was really quick and easy.

I recently made this wreath for my sister to hang in her room at her assisted living residence.

Pillows made from $1 placemats and a fabric remnant.

 Table runners are easily made from fabric remnants.

No-sew fabric pumpkins are quickly made from remnants.

I think small, quick projects can give your home as much impact as large projects.   I love changing things up, so the quicker I can complete a project, the better.  Do you like smaller, easier projects, or do you have the patience to work on something for days and days?  

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