Saturday, November 16, 2013

More Art Work and Changes

I found a photo somewhere online, maybe Pinterest that showed 2 stools painted black and a bird nest on one of them.  I loved the colors used, and decided to paint the same picture on canvas.  I started by using a pre-primed canvas, and blended black, brown, and white for the background.  Next I laid the canvas aside to dry.  Once it was dry, I painted on the tree limb and a bird nest.  So here is the finished canvas. When I first saw the photo, I immediately fell in love with the simplicity. The other picture is a tree limb with a bird.  I used the same procedure to paint it. (UPDATE: Per Jann Olson, the benches were painted by Lynda Bergman).  She's an artist, which I am not, but her benches inspired me with the colors she used. Jann had featured them last week, so that's where I saw them.  Lynda blogs at:

My paintings are not the quality of the inspirational benches, but my feeble attempt at teaching myself to paint.

Original designs of paintings, by Lynda Bergman, Decorative Artisan

Here I have them together on my bookcase.  I actually don't mind having these on display.  

On another note.....
I added a coat of a calmer turquoise to my grouse.  It had been such a bright color, that I thought it should be toned down to match my other items better.

I deliberately left the old color in places for a more shabby look.

You may remember that I had these dried hydrangeas in the white fretwork pitcher.  I had a light bulb moment, and moved them into the white tool box that I recently painted white and added the graphic to.  I like this look alot because the flowers look looser and fill the box perfectly.  I first filled the box with shredded brown paper bought for a dollar at DT, then inserted the hydrangeas.

I remembered this old advertisement card that belonged to my MIL, and added it to my Thanksgiving decor on the mantel.  This card, circa 1947, is 5 years older than I am!!  Now that's antique!!

I've made some more deco mesh wreaths that I will share before too long. I'm going to take one of them to my sister in the Assisted Living home for her to have on her wall for Christmas.  She really has enjoyed the one I made her for Fall.

Oh, I can't leave without giving you today's look at the Christmas Cactus.  I enjoy it so much, though it probably will be through blooming before Christmas.  Isn't it a beauty?

This photo was taken 2 days later than the one above!

So that's a recap of my last several days.  I'm having more fun than ever, and staying busy with my crafts.

Hope you are having fun too.  Come and visit these lovely parties below.  I'll be linking up.

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