Friday, January 17, 2014

The Everchanging Trug

I've had this trug (tool box), or whatever you want to call it, for a year or so, and it has seen some changes from the way it looked when I first bought it at a small shop for $20.00.  I fell in love with the trug, loved the chippiness, the color....not so much.  I let it keep it's original color for a few days though.

 After a few days, it got a coat of white, and some dark wax, and the inside partitions got a light blue.  I liked it better in white.

It was about that time that I learned how to transfer graphics to wood using mod podge, so that was the next change.  I added a rooster to both sides of the trug.  

Yesterday was the day to update it.  I had just a wee bit of ASCP in blue left in a sample jar.  So I added just a little water to thin it some, and brushed it on to the trug.

I had just enough dried hydrangeas to place some in each section.  It is on the side table in the dining room.  When I get time, I am going to set the table differently, and use the trug for the centerpiece.

I love the change, and you all know that blue is coming back in a big way.  So if you have something you want to change, think about making it blue.

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