Thursday, February 27, 2014

Quick Wood Project and A Painting

After making shelves for the large cabinet in the office, there was one small piece of the 1x12 left over.  Since I can't let a good piece of wood go to waste, I came up with a really quick project to use it.

First, I sanded the ends of the wood to get rid of splinters where it was originally cut.  Next, I mixed up some chalk paint and painted it white.  I then made a burlap chevron rosette, and hot glued it to the board, stenciled on a fleur de lis, and our street address, and placed it on the table in the entry.

 This project was very easy, and used up some scrap wood and leftover ribbon.

 When you have leftover items, try to look at them in a way that will let you create something new for your home.

 Of course, I used aqua paint, and ribbon.  I have been working my favorite color into lots of areas in my home.

I love creating vignettes using items I made, or bought at bargain prices.  These items all fit the bill. The old sewing drawer, the lamp, and the picture frame were all preloved, and purchased at consignment sales.  The doily was formerly owned by my MIL, and the old table was my grandmother's.

One other little project I recently did (during the snow days), was to try painting a picture of our home.  I'm not showing it really close up because it is FULL of mistakes.  I painted areas of this over and over, but I think it gives a resemblance to the actual photo of the house.

Actual Photo:

Not great, by any stretch of the imagination, but a resemblance.

I have a big project going on that I'll be sharing soon, so check back.  Hopefully, it will be completed by early next week.

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Bookcase Vignettes

I just love styling bookcases, and creating vignettes in them.  I recently worked on this white bookcase that sits in the corner of the dining room.  It is one of the first items I painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, and is a favorite spot to decorate.

This old wooden box has made its rounds throughout the house. It once held 8 track tapes!  It was built in the 70's by our neighbor.  I painted it with ASCP and added labels from the Graphics Fairy, and some stamps to it.  It holds pink heart pillows I made for Valentine's Day.  I still have them out.  The lamp was bought at a consignment shop for $10, and it came with a burgundy lampshade.  I bought the shade it now wears at Wal Mart.  I made the rosette that is attached to the lamp shade.  The box with its Frenchy graphics, and the lampshade match in that they both have fleur de lis', one of my favorite symbols.

The second shelf holds a favorite pitcher from Ross.  I love the lacy texture of the pitcher.  The tray holds old bottles that I altered.  I love making these.  They are simple, but make a statement.

This is the bottom shelf.  It holds a single altered bottle, a bird, and two pears.

Very old books, tied together with string.

Fourth shelf: holds this urn, and an old magnolia that I bought from Home Interiors a long time ago.  I used blue/aqua books for a touch of my favorite colors.  

Why don't you try your hand at creating vignettes on a bookcase?  It allows you to go with a centeral theme, display favorite collections, or experiment with using alot of different textures.

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Tutorial: How to Install Shelves In Previously Built Cabinet

This cabinet was built in the late 80's or early 90's, by students at a nearby technical school.  We designed it to have a 10 slot gun cabinet on the left side.  Since then the guns have been given to my Grandson, so in order to get better use from it, I used a cubbie for a year or so, that I just sat inside it.  Since we are having the room repainted, I decided to make more permanent shelves for this side of the cabinet.  The picture below shows the cabinet with the cubbie inside it.  This worked ok, just wasn't the look I wanted.

Here is how I made shelves for the left side of the cabinet:

1.  First clean everything out of your cabinet.
(and stash it in the guest room) lol!!  Kinda like this!!  :) Then keep the door to the guest room SHUT!

2.  Measure the height, width, and depth of the inside. (since the right side of the cabinet had 3 shelves already built in, I will put 3 shelves in the left side as well).

3.  Measure two or three or ten times to be sure you have the correct measurements.

4.  I needed 3 shelves 12" wide, and 43" long.  I went to Lowes, and bought one 1x12x12, and had them cut it into 3 shelves 43" long.  There was about a 14" piece left over that I will use for another project.

5.  I needed 4 adjustable shelf standards to screw inside the cabinet to hold the shelves. (they look like this)

They are around $4.00 each

6.  The store did not have 36" pilasters which I needed, but they had them 72" long.  So I figured that I could buy 2 of those, and cut them in half to get my four standards.

7.  I also bought a package of 12 clips to hold the shelves, and 1" wood screws.  These fit into the slots on the standards, and you lay the shelf on them.

8.  First I cut the standards (with a hack saw) into 4-36 inch pieces.

9.  Next I sanded the boards where they had been cut, and stained them with some Golden Oak Minwax stain that I had from another project.  The cabinet is old, so over the years the stain has faded, the wood has dried and the colors are no longer uniform.  That is fine with me.  I don't have to be so particular about the stain for the new shelves, since the color varies.

10.  While they were drying, my husband and I measured, installed, and leveled the standards, to the inside of the cabinet walls.
Look closely on the left and right walls and you can see the standards used to hold the shelves. They just look like brass strips.

11.  The final step is to place your clips directly across from each other in the standards, and be sure that the clips  are in matching holes.  Then lay your shelves on the clips, check your shelves with a level to see if they are completely level.   Luckily we were able to get the new shelves, level with the old shelves on the right side of the cabinet.  This made it look as if the new shelves had always been there.

 Here is the final product.

I am really happy with how this project turned out.  The stain used on the new shelves matched perfectly with the older ones. (Yay!). We are getting the room painted, hopefully this coming week, then I'll bring things back in and share the room with you when it is totally done. I have some neat ideas to redecorate this room.  It serves as the office/library, and extra guest room.

Altogether, this project took about 2 hours, and cost around $36. (We're not experts, and we had a few do-overs with the leveling, and getting the screws to go in straight).

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Touch of Spring Fever

I've got it bad....... y'all, it was 70 degrees here today.  Last Tuesday, we were having a dang blizzard!!  It's a weather merry-go-round, but that's o.k.!!  Today was gorgeous!!  In keeping with the beautiful weather, I'm sharing some Spring items I've managed to incorporate into the decor.

I've added a few touches of Spring in the living area.  I left these heart pillows I made for Valentines out because of the Spring colors in the fabric.

This is the vignette on the entry table now.  It's gone from red to aqua and white, with just a touch of green, and most of these items are pre-loved too!

 The mantel is ready for Spring.

Lighter colors on the coffee table.

In the dining room,

sun room,

family room,

sun room.

I'm trying not to go over board YET with Spring decor, but it's starting to creep into the rooms here.  I'm about ready for some rabbits, but Easter doesn't come until April 20th, so they will have to wait.
Are you getting Spring fever??
Anxiously awaiting......

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Mantel Saga

I got busy early this morning, and removed the Valentine's decor from the living room, entry, and dining room.  Then it all started..... what to use for "pre-Spring" on the mantel.  Well, I think I've nailed it after much contemplation and tweaking.

The first thing I did was make a wreath to hang on the mirror above the mantel.  I wanted something different.  So I went to my 'stash of stuff', and this is the result.

I used a green work wreath and added aqua mesh, white ribbon, and pink geraniums.  I kept the shutters on the mantel, added the blue sewing drawer, a small angel bust, and a faux plant.

I liked it, BUT, decided it might be too "Springy" for the season between winter and spring.  So I changed it. I removed the bright colors, and used the burlap wreath I made a long time ago.  I added neutral colored objects to the mantel.

Nice neutral vignettes.  Y'all know I need a pop of color!!
My husband and I went out for lunch and stopped off at a favorite consignment shop where I found this Studio 56 plate for $3.99.  Brought it home for the mantel.

Better in my opinion.

I did some work to the wreath.  The burlap had become a bit droopy since it was first made, so I added some wired burlap ribbon around the wreath, and made a sash bow for it to liven it up a little.

 My Willow Tree collection.

Bust, book I made, and faux grass.

The final product.  I think it will work just fine until I bring out the Spring!!

Where is the new wreath you ask?

On the front door for now!

Oh, and what else did I find at the consignment shop?

This sweet "Fresh Linens" sign, now hanging on my linen closet door!!

So how are you decorating right now?

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Playing in the Snow

This week, we have experienced some Winter weather.  Snow started falling on Monday night and continued through Wednesday morning.  Then Wednesday afternoon, we started having sleet and freezing rain.  It's been a long time since we've had this much Winter precipitation.

The snow that fell on Monday night and Tuesday was wonderful! So PaPaw and Mimi went up to play with Rheagan (7).  To make the snowman,  all we did was just make a small ball, and roll it across the snow.  It was like pulling up carpet!  It just rolled up in long sheets.  What fun!!

Rheagan gave the snowman a hairdo.

Rheagan, Snowman, Nova
The Staffy, Nova had on her sweater too!

At this point the roads were still clear, so we took a short ride in the 4-WD pickup.
A tree in the neighbor's yard

The trees and hilltops were so pretty!

View out our back door.

Today it warmed up enough to melt most of the snow and ice!  Thankful we didn't lose electricity!  We were blessed, as outages were numerous!  Blessed too, to live near my sweet family and being able to play with my grandchildren!

Are you having lots of Winter weather?

You can bet we will be ready for Spring and my decor just might start showing it in a few days!!

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's Decor~Review

I have shared my Valentine's decor already, but since it was kinda early, I'm going to show you some of it one more time before it all comes down.

The mantel

Wreath with a heart in the center.

Sweet cupids under glass

 What Love Is

My hand sewn hearts....

....hangin' on twigs

Entry table

So there is my valentine recap!  Now how to decorate for "pre-Spring"???  How do you decorate for the next month or so?  I'm ready for some Spring weather and decor!

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