Sunday, February 2, 2014

Little Chapel in the Springtime (My Painting)

I love little chapels.  They are so charming.  I decided I would try to paint one in acrylics.  I looked through pictures of chapels, and decided to paint one that bears a slight resemblance to one near my home.

I found a picture of it taken during the Spring when the Azaelias were in full bloom, and the trees behind it still had the new leaves with their yellowish hues.

First, I applied gesso to my canvas to prime it.  After that dried, I started dabbing the green leaves onto the canvas.  I used that method rather than painting individual leaves.  The chapel is surrounded by trees.  Next I penciled on a drawing of the chapel.  Next I painted the tree trunks, then the chapel was painted white, with green accents.  Last the blue sky was added, and the Azaelias were also dabbed on.

My first attempt looked alright to me until I saw it in photos.

(Needs Changes)

This is the photo that showed me all that was wrong with my painting.  The tree trunks on the right looked more like windmills, and the chimney (which the little chapel has), had to go.  So back to the paint table.

Here it is after I made some changes.

Here the trees on the right have been made a little more realistic, the chimney has been removed, and the roof has changed some.  I also lightened the "corner" of the facade, and threw some light on the sides of the trees. I lightened the under bushes to the left of the chapel too, so it wouldn't look so much like a curtain.  :)  I think it looks a little better now.

I've been moving the painting all around the house.  I've done a similar painting with a chapel in the snow.  Not ready to show it yet.

Here it was hanging on the wall with a binder clip!

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