Monday, March 31, 2014

Sweet Finds

I just made a short trip to my fave consignment shop, and of course bought some pretty items.  I spent around $20.00, and thought that was a good price for the three items.

$4.99 for this sweet handmade table square made in the 1950's.  It's not perfect, but I loved the strawberries.  The yellow trim has come loose in one place, but I will repair that.
I have it in the sunroom on my vintage oval shaped table.

I think it would probably look better turned on the diagonal, so I will do that.

Sweet green frame for $5.99, which was a steal.  It is distressed.  The picture is my own work.  I added the barn, tire swing, walkway to barn, a couple trees, and benches in the front yard to the painting today.  The frame is a perfect fit!!

This colorful cushion was $7.99, which is also a great price.  I love the spring look of the daffodils.  All three pieces found today came to rest in the sun room.  I knew the cloth and cushion would go there, but wasn't sure about the frame.  The art can be removed easily for replacement, or using the frame empty.

I was very happy with my finds.  Are you a consignment shopper?  We have some really nice shops in our area, but this is my favorite.  There is a really large one about 50 miles away, and I like to get an early start if I'm going there.  This one is about 20 miles from me, so I went today after cleaning the whole house!!

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Vanity Bench Makeover on a Dime

I've had this vanity bench since we built the house.  I bought it at Kirkland's (13 years ago). The base is all swirly, and was a goldish color that had darkened in places over the years making it look a little grungy. The silky cushion cover is still in great condition, but has a few spots on it.

(I didn't take this photo until I had it on its side on my bed, getting ready to take the cushion off, sorry).

I had planned to cover it for some time, so I had picked up a yard of fabric at JoAnn's, on sale, so the fabric used to cover the cushion was about 1/2 yard, so $3.00 total to cover it.

I simply laid the cushion on the fabric, cut around it, and stapled it to the board underneath the cushion.  Really easy and fast!
Here it is covered, with the goldish color frame.  That's snow on the frame......(the dust fairy came through and sprinkled it).... uhh, I haven't dusted it in 13 years???  (Take your pick of these excuses!!!)   

I wasn't liking the fabric and the ugly frame together.  So I removed the seat again, and decided to paint the frame white. I thought about black, but decided since I have white fixtures in the master bath, I would go with white.

MUCH better!  So fresh and clean. I already had the paint on hand from a precious project.  I used Valspar Paint/Primer Spray Paint.  It covered well with 2 light coats.

I think this is a great makeover for the money!  You can't beat $3 bucks for a whole new look.  

Have you done a makeover on the cheap recently?  I would love to see!

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Folk Art

I've recently been on a painting spree.  Acryllic painting, that is.  I'm still trying to teach myself to paint, but I am seeing some improvement and that's encouraging!  Since I've had no formal training, I guess you would say that what I do is folk art.

folk art:  self-taught art, art indigenous to the area/community; not fine art.

That would definitely describe the type of art I do.  My first cousin has made a name for herself in our area for her folk art.  She paints more primitive objects that tell a story, and are very often humorus.  Mine leans more toward land scapes, and still life type paintings.

I am still enjoying trying my hand at this.  After spending the day today with my cousin, I feel very encouraged.  She took me to a shop where her paintings are sold, so I could see more of her work.  It was very interesting.  Another difference in our styles is that she uses very bold colors where mine tend not to be as bold.  Her work reminds me of Grandma Moses' style.

Anyway, here are some of my latest attempts.  I like to share them to get your feedback.  Remember, I am no pro, by any stretch of the imagination!!

Country Farm House

 River near the mountains

 Geraniums in Terra Cotta



 Pink Tulips


 Easter Lily

 Forsythia in Cobalt Vase with Chippy Window

Seagull on Pylons

I'm working on one that is an old grist mill that I'll share when I'm through.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Easter Decor at Shadymont

I've been seeing some of the prettiest crafts being done with the small peat pots available at garden centers, and had been wanting to get some.  Finally, I did just that.  I got a package of 18 at Tractor Supply for $3.52.  That's about 20 cents each. Thrifty enough to suit my frugal nature.  From there I went across the way to Dollar Tree to see what I could find to use with the peat pots to make some cute decor.

At Dollar Tree, I bought 2 packages of various mosses, 3 bunches of white tulips, several rabbit figurines, and some styrofoam blocks, for a total of about $12.00.

As soon as I returned home, I got busy with crafting something from these items.

First I used white craft paint, and some gesso to lighten the peat pots.

You can see that I wasn't concerned with complete coverage.  I would rather they look a little 'used'.   So the steps to do this are:  1) paint the pot with whatever paint you have on hand, 2) next, I stamped this crown onto the side of the pot; 3) hot glue a piece of styrofoam into the pot.  I just put glue on the bottom of the styrofoam piece I had cut from a big block, and stuck it into the pot. 4) Next, I glued the rabbit figurine to the top of the styrofoam block and let it dry; 5) then I added the moss around the rabbit, and hot glued the styrofoam egg (leftover from last year), into the moss.  There you have it, so easy, and I think they make a cute item for vignettes.

I lined the tray with Shabby Chic napkins from Target's Rachel Ashwell's line.
 On this pot, I stenciled a "5".

Here, I stamped a fleur de lis on the pot, and stuck some white tulips into the styrofoam and then tucked in the moss.

 Here, I took an old stained silver colored tray, glued some moss to it, then glued down the pot and 2 plastic eggs from several years ago.  I also hot glued the rabbit/egg figurine to styrofoam in the pot. I stenciled an aqua "3" on this pot.

Doesn't this little bunny look so lazy?? 

The teapot was stamped on.

These peat pot arrangements cost about a dollar to make, and l love the impact they make in vignettes.

Here is my twig arrangement, also ready for Easter.

I simply hot glued some ribbon to the eggs to hang them.

I have another vignette or two to create before Easter, but wanted to share these with you now.
Hope you are inspired to create some thrifty décor.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Tweaking in the Sun Room

I've been Spring tweaking in the sun room where I framed my burlap wreath!!

Have you used the monkey hooks to hang heavy objects in sheetrock?  They are wonderful.  You only have a hole the size of a straight pin, and they hold really well.  The ones I bought hold up to 35 pounds.  This heavy frame is no problem for the hook.

This is hanging above the jelly cupboard that belonged to my MIL.

On top of the cabinet, I used this awesome Wielunder table cloth that I stole found at a yard sale a couple years back.  The owner obviously didn't know what she had.  I gave either 2 or 4 dollars, and they sell for much, much more on ebay.

The Spring sunshine looks so pretty streaming through the windows, and the grass outside is getting rather green!

My plants that have wintered inside in the sunroom are doing well.

I later added some rabbits to the decor to bring in some Easter.

I've also switched to this pink and white gingham tablecloth.  Of course it's a consignment shop find!

Have you done any Spring tweaking?

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Antiquing & Thrifting With My Sister

Do you have "sister" parties??  My sister lives 2 hours away, and we don't see each other a lot.  I decided to go over and spend the night with her and do some thrifting and antiquing.  She has a wonderful antique mall within a mile of her house.  It looks like a tiny place, but once we got inside, we were amazed!! That place was much bigger than we thought, and had some gorgeous things!!  So much that we wanted, but we were good, and didn't buy anything.  Next we went to a community thrift shop where  I spent a total of $8.25, but got some amazing deals!!

For a quarter, I bought this Johnson Brothers Plate, England 1883, Gala Creme.

It is perfect.

Guess what it is priced on EBay??

$21.00 !!!
I bought for 25c y'all!!

I knew it was worth something, and couldn't wait to check.  I just love the pattern!!

My next treasure was this fabulous picture of a mandolin.


The frame was a little worse for the wear, but I cleaned it, and rubbed brown shoe polish on it, and it's now like new.

It now hangs on my old distressed door in the dining room.

My third find was a little more expensive, but I believe it is a Kirkland's picture.  The frame is perfect.  I gave $6.00 for this one.

I love pictures of houses, and have quite a few and for $6.00, I knew this one was coming home with me.

It hangs in the master bedroom.

It's even pretty in b/w.

I'd say I had a banner day, wouldn't you??  I was doing the happy dance all the way home.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Finding Fabulous

Recent visits to a few favorite shops yielded some fabulous treasures.

Don't you just love this
 wonderful, colorful, faded table cloth?  ($6.99).

Seen here on the entry table.
Gorgeous colors!!

I have been wanting a new picture above my loveseat.
This was only $14.99, and perfect for a Spring display.

I kept the shelf I had there, and added some other items to the wall, including these DT rabbits for a nod to Easter.

I hung a basin and decanter set alongside, and filled it with bird nests with eggs, bought at Michael's a couple years ago.

I picked up this small plate for $2.00 at the second shop I visited.  I knew it would look good with the picture.

Final Display


 These 2 pillow covers were a total of $12.00, so I bought them for the office.   You can see the recent office makeover  here.

I love the fabric, and though it doesn't have the exact same color as the wall paint, it gives that impression because of the combination of colors.

I've been hitting a bunch of shops in the last week or so, and will share more great finds soon.

Hope you find some great treasures when you go hunting!!

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