Friday, March 21, 2014

Antiquing & Thrifting With My Sister

Do you have "sister" parties??  My sister lives 2 hours away, and we don't see each other a lot.  I decided to go over and spend the night with her and do some thrifting and antiquing.  She has a wonderful antique mall within a mile of her house.  It looks like a tiny place, but once we got inside, we were amazed!! That place was much bigger than we thought, and had some gorgeous things!!  So much that we wanted, but we were good, and didn't buy anything.  Next we went to a community thrift shop where  I spent a total of $8.25, but got some amazing deals!!

For a quarter, I bought this Johnson Brothers Plate, England 1883, Gala Creme.

It is perfect.

Guess what it is priced on EBay??

$21.00 !!!
I bought for 25c y'all!!

I knew it was worth something, and couldn't wait to check.  I just love the pattern!!

My next treasure was this fabulous picture of a mandolin.


The frame was a little worse for the wear, but I cleaned it, and rubbed brown shoe polish on it, and it's now like new.

It now hangs on my old distressed door in the dining room.

My third find was a little more expensive, but I believe it is a Kirkland's picture.  The frame is perfect.  I gave $6.00 for this one.

I love pictures of houses, and have quite a few and for $6.00, I knew this one was coming home with me.

It hangs in the master bedroom.

It's even pretty in b/w.

I'd say I had a banner day, wouldn't you??  I was doing the happy dance all the way home.

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