Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Easter Decor at Shadymont

I've been seeing some of the prettiest crafts being done with the small peat pots available at garden centers, and had been wanting to get some.  Finally, I did just that.  I got a package of 18 at Tractor Supply for $3.52.  That's about 20 cents each. Thrifty enough to suit my frugal nature.  From there I went across the way to Dollar Tree to see what I could find to use with the peat pots to make some cute decor.

At Dollar Tree, I bought 2 packages of various mosses, 3 bunches of white tulips, several rabbit figurines, and some styrofoam blocks, for a total of about $12.00.

As soon as I returned home, I got busy with crafting something from these items.

First I used white craft paint, and some gesso to lighten the peat pots.

You can see that I wasn't concerned with complete coverage.  I would rather they look a little 'used'.   So the steps to do this are:  1) paint the pot with whatever paint you have on hand, 2) next, I stamped this crown onto the side of the pot; 3) hot glue a piece of styrofoam into the pot.  I just put glue on the bottom of the styrofoam piece I had cut from a big block, and stuck it into the pot. 4) Next, I glued the rabbit figurine to the top of the styrofoam block and let it dry; 5) then I added the moss around the rabbit, and hot glued the styrofoam egg (leftover from last year), into the moss.  There you have it, so easy, and I think they make a cute item for vignettes.

I lined the tray with Shabby Chic napkins from Target's Rachel Ashwell's line.
 On this pot, I stenciled a "5".

Here, I stamped a fleur de lis on the pot, and stuck some white tulips into the styrofoam and then tucked in the moss.

 Here, I took an old stained silver colored tray, glued some moss to it, then glued down the pot and 2 plastic eggs from several years ago.  I also hot glued the rabbit/egg figurine to styrofoam in the pot. I stenciled an aqua "3" on this pot.

Doesn't this little bunny look so lazy?? 

The teapot was stamped on.

These peat pot arrangements cost about a dollar to make, and l love the impact they make in vignettes.

Here is my twig arrangement, also ready for Easter.

I simply hot glued some ribbon to the eggs to hang them.

I have another vignette or two to create before Easter, but wanted to share these with you now.
Hope you are inspired to create some thrifty décor.

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