Thursday, March 27, 2014

Folk Art

I've recently been on a painting spree.  Acryllic painting, that is.  I'm still trying to teach myself to paint, but I am seeing some improvement and that's encouraging!  Since I've had no formal training, I guess you would say that what I do is folk art.

folk art:  self-taught art, art indigenous to the area/community; not fine art.

That would definitely describe the type of art I do.  My first cousin has made a name for herself in our area for her folk art.  She paints more primitive objects that tell a story, and are very often humorus.  Mine leans more toward land scapes, and still life type paintings.

I am still enjoying trying my hand at this.  After spending the day today with my cousin, I feel very encouraged.  She took me to a shop where her paintings are sold, so I could see more of her work.  It was very interesting.  Another difference in our styles is that she uses very bold colors where mine tend not to be as bold.  Her work reminds me of Grandma Moses' style.

Anyway, here are some of my latest attempts.  I like to share them to get your feedback.  Remember, I am no pro, by any stretch of the imagination!!

Country Farm House

 River near the mountains

 Geraniums in Terra Cotta



 Pink Tulips


 Easter Lily

 Forsythia in Cobalt Vase with Chippy Window

Seagull on Pylons

I'm working on one that is an old grist mill that I'll share when I'm through.

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