Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Tweaking in the Sun Room

I've been Spring tweaking in the sun room where I framed my burlap wreath!!

Have you used the monkey hooks to hang heavy objects in sheetrock?  They are wonderful.  You only have a hole the size of a straight pin, and they hold really well.  The ones I bought hold up to 35 pounds.  This heavy frame is no problem for the hook.

This is hanging above the jelly cupboard that belonged to my MIL.

On top of the cabinet, I used this awesome Wielunder table cloth that I stole found at a yard sale a couple years back.  The owner obviously didn't know what she had.  I gave either 2 or 4 dollars, and they sell for much, much more on ebay.

The Spring sunshine looks so pretty streaming through the windows, and the grass outside is getting rather green!

My plants that have wintered inside in the sunroom are doing well.

I later added some rabbits to the decor to bring in some Easter.

I've also switched to this pink and white gingham tablecloth.  Of course it's a consignment shop find!

Have you done any Spring tweaking?

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