Sunday, March 30, 2014

Vanity Bench Makeover on a Dime

I've had this vanity bench since we built the house.  I bought it at Kirkland's (13 years ago). The base is all swirly, and was a goldish color that had darkened in places over the years making it look a little grungy. The silky cushion cover is still in great condition, but has a few spots on it.

(I didn't take this photo until I had it on its side on my bed, getting ready to take the cushion off, sorry).

I had planned to cover it for some time, so I had picked up a yard of fabric at JoAnn's, on sale, so the fabric used to cover the cushion was about 1/2 yard, so $3.00 total to cover it.

I simply laid the cushion on the fabric, cut around it, and stapled it to the board underneath the cushion.  Really easy and fast!
Here it is covered, with the goldish color frame.  That's snow on the frame......(the dust fairy came through and sprinkled it).... uhh, I haven't dusted it in 13 years???  (Take your pick of these excuses!!!)   

I wasn't liking the fabric and the ugly frame together.  So I removed the seat again, and decided to paint the frame white. I thought about black, but decided since I have white fixtures in the master bath, I would go with white.

MUCH better!  So fresh and clean. I already had the paint on hand from a precious project.  I used Valspar Paint/Primer Spray Paint.  It covered well with 2 light coats.

I think this is a great makeover for the money!  You can't beat $3 bucks for a whole new look.  

Have you done a makeover on the cheap recently?  I would love to see!

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