Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Little Changes at the Lake House

We are still at the lake house, and I've been having so much fun. I've done lots of small projects, and moved things here and there.

First off, we rearranged the living room, and I'm liking it so much.  Of course, any kind of change seems to freshen up things.

It's hard to tell much about it in these photos, but we switched the chairs to where the love seat formerly was.  This leaves it much more open toward the kitchen.  The love seat faces the sofa.  

I bought this candle holder a couple years ago.  It was pink, and over the winter, it had rusted and faded until it looked horrible.  Saturday, I painted it navy and turquoise.  So it has found a place on the coffee table, rather than outside.   This towel was only $1.00 at Dollar General.  It has turquoise butterflies and flowers, and white bird cages on it.  

This is a view from above the candle holder and towel.

I've had this bronze colored sign for a long time.  Yesterday, I decided to paint it!  I did so with acrylic paints, then scuffed it up a little with a sanding block.  It shows up so much better on the  wall now!

Another little paint project was to give this little bench a face lift.

It works well to hold this photo of my husband, his brother, and mother.

Does this picture look familiar????

It should!  The large image of it hangs in my office at home!!  I found the small one at Dollar General for $8.00, and couldn't resist it.  It goes well in the twin guest room.

Here's the large one in the office.

Another glimps of the master!

I made another blue wreath for the door here at the lake.  The flowers are white, with some blue colored berries instead of the yellow like at home.  

I removed the picture in this frame from the barn in snow, and am using this lovely garden scene for the summer.

I found the sweetest green table at DG, and put it on the porch with a faux plant.

This wooden basket of wooden tulips got a face lift.  It had faded really bad, so I got the acrylic paints out and spruced it up too.

This wood 'pineapple' candle holder got painted white, with some distressing.

I placed a few of the antique photos I found on the dresser in the twin guest room, and also worked a little on the wall gallery I've started of my husband's family.

Nothing big, just small changes, but it makes everything feel fresher!

Do you like doing small projects?

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Faded Antique Photographs

I was going through dressers, closets, etc., and came across an envelope filled with probably 80 or more antique photographs. There were 2 postcards, postmarked 1912, and 1914.  I believe the photographs are mid 1800's.  Some of them had the identies of the subjects listed on the back of them, and some said, "unidentified".  That's sad to me.  Some of them say things like, "presumably the daughter of .......".  There are some photos of folks that we know.  My husband's grandfather and uncles, his father's baby picture, which is identical to my husband's baby picture.  They look like identical twins!!  We think that my husband's paternal grandfather probably had this collection of photographs.  Most of them are on the hard card type paper. There are a few tin types.

Here are a few of the photographs.

Sweet baby picture.

Have you ever noticed that in the antique photos, no one smiles?  I can imagine this being an old maid school teacher!  Can you?

This one is labeled, unidentified.  I imagine she may be a spoiled wife to some young well-to-do gentleman!  At least she has some semblance of a smile!  Look at thos huge sleeves, and her fancy neck line.

The dress interests me in this photo.  It is ornate at the top, but the skirt looks thick and wrinkled.  Interesting!

This one "presumes" she is the daughter of "so & so".  Look at that hairdo!

This may be the sister to the one just above, according to the info on the back.  Such a pretty girl!

The handsome military man in the photo on the right, is the great uncle of my husband.  We have a set of silver (coffee pot, sugar, creamer) that he gave to my husbands parents at their marriage.  We have his Military trunk also.  He was a Colonel.  This is his daughter he is holding.  

The "family" photo here, is the Renew family.  

We have many many more of these, and I am trying to come up with a way to display some of them for my husband.  I did find a frame and have the infant pictures of him and his Dad framed and displayed.   If you have any neat ideas of ways to display these, please share in the comments.  I have found a couple of pins on Pinterest, but none that have absolutely popped out for me.

Do you like going through old photographs?  These are so fascinating to me.  I will be doing some more research on these.  I'd love to know how to clean some of them.  The cards have some spots on them.  But so do I and I'm not over a hundred years old!!  

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Lake Happenings

We've been at the lake house since Tuesday evening.  The grass had grown so tall since the last time hubby had come, but he did fertilize and aerate it at that visit so it was expected.  He's a fanatic about his yard, so he could hardly wait to get started on Wednesday morning.  I've had terrible sinusitis and been on 4 prescriptions in addition to two injections which I got before our trip down here, so I haven't felt the best, but you wouldn't know it!  I've been cleaning out closets, dressers, chests of drawers, etc.  So now I will have a yard sale tomorrow.  I've never had one down here, but hope at least some of this stuff gets sold.  I had a sale at home a couple weeks ago and did rather well, especially since I was only open 7 hours.

We decided to sell the twin comforters in that guest room, I know they've been around for 12 years, and before that, so it was high time to buy new.  We did the Wal Mart thing, because, quite honestly, there is no where to shop within a decent drive from here.  I think these look good though, especially for the price.

I bought coordinating pillow cases because they were out of the matching shams.  Then I painted art work to go with the room. It had previously been done in pinks and blues and ruffles. Another budget mindful thing I did was buy the full size quilts so they would fit like bed spreads.  I didn't want dust ruffles.  So all totaled, I madeover this room for around $46.00.  Not bad.

 Even the lamp has pink and blue floral designs on the base.   I simply, turned that side toward the window!  So this works fine.

I am using the candleabra I painted recently in this room too.  I think we will enjoy the change.

While we were shopping, we decided to get new bedding for the master bedroom too.  We again went with a quilt.  However, I kept the current dust ruffle on, and again, used pillow cases instead of shams.

 I love the colors in this quilt, and it looks so much more like Spring that the tan and red plaid!  We were so tired of it.

 I kept it very simple, just adding the one eyelet heart pillow.

 Here is the closeup.  This quilt is extremely well made.  All are from the BHG line.  The makeover for this room was about $60.00.

So those are the newbies for the lake home.  I'll fill you in on my yard sale(s) soon.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, and beautiful Spring weather!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cobalt and Forsythia Wreath

I recently bought some faux forsythia at HL, just a couple of stems.  I had them on the table in the sunroom for a few days then on the breakfast table for a while, even on the coffee table and the mantel.  You all know how that goes.  Always moving things around.

I love cobalt blue with the yellow of forsythia, as in this painting I did recently.

But I was in Wal Mart last week and saw this wonderful cobalt blue geo mesh.  I bought some, came home, and made a new wreath for my blue front door!  They had a great price of $4.99/roll, just not a lot of colors.

This little bit of forsythia has been all over my house, but I like it best with the blue of the wreath.

Oh, and since I don't have enough hobbies going on, I've started selling on EBay!  Now that's work, y'all!  If I can ever get this shipping stuff straight, I'll be o.k.

I have some great items, lots of Aigner handbags that I've just reduced the prices on, most like new!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter

He Lives!

And with great power the apostles were giving their testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and great grace was upon them all.

Happy Easter!!

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