Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Lighter Look for the Master

I've used dark brown drapes in the master bedroom for a couple of years.  Recently, I decided to lighten the room up for the warmer months.

I like the darker drapes because they are a great contrast to the walls, and match my accessories really well.

Master, BEFORE:

(great during the winter months)

I had these white curtains stored in the linen closet for a long time.  In fact, they were my first curtains when we moved in the house in 2000.  They are still in great condition.  I only hung one panel on each of the three windows, and tied them back with white ribbon.

Master BR, AFTER
(much lighter for Spring)

I decided to hang these very old lacy curtains on the french doors leading from the master to the sun room.  They offer a little more privacy because of the design.  

  I wrapped a white twin sheet around the seat of this antique rocker to bring in more white.

These changes didn't cost me anything because I used things I already had.  I'm in the market for an oversized King comforter or quilt for the bed.  This bed is very high off the floor, and it is really hard to find one wide enough to hang over as much as I would like.  If you know of a good website to find oversized bedding, please leave it in the comments section.  (thanks!!!)

I am still using my consignment shop quilt, and when reversed to its white side, it provides an even lighter look to the bed.

We are enjoying the lighter version in the master for now.
Have you lightened your décor for Spring?

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