Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Window Frame From Granny's House

I told you about my sister, cousin, and I finding our Grandmother's home and going through it.  There was part of a window frame lying in the floor of one of the rooms, that I brought home with me.  It had no panes, and only one piece of wood left that would have held a glass pane in.  I didn't remove that one piece of wood, and decided to try to decorate the frame in some way. After scrubbing years of dirt and webs off the frame, I set it outside to dry.  Once dry, I brought it into the basement where I store my stash, and just started using things I had to give life to this old frame.

First, I added a panel of old lace I've had for probably 25 years to the back with staples.

See that one piece of wood where a pane would have been?  It's really in there well!!

Next I went through two floral bins until I came across this spray with roses and hydrangeas, which I attached to the front of the frame with staples.
**(Note the odd piece of wood lying on the bottom left of the frame.  That is an old 'door knob' that was also in my Grandmother's house; it can be seen better below near the rabbit).

Next, I attached a piece of jute string across the width of the frame.  My next couple of hours were then spent going through old pictures to find ones of my Grandmother to hang on the string.

Can you believe these old black and white photographs??  I will look for small wooden clothespins to attach them, but for now, I will use these that I had on hand.  In the photos, L-R,  the first one is my mother and dad, and my oldest brother when he was a baby.  This would have been around 1931.  The next photo is of my Mother's family when she was a baby, so around 1907. She was the smallest child (in her Mom's lap).  The third photo, is my Grandmother with her second husband.  I just love having this in my home.  It was so wonderful to go through her old home, even if it is deteriorating.

I kept a colorful vignette on the table, and leaned the old window frame against the wall.

I think I will really enjoy dressing this old window frame in many different ways.  I found several ideas on Pinterest, and will be trying them later on.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing this little project.

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