Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cobalt and Forsythia Wreath

I recently bought some faux forsythia at HL, just a couple of stems.  I had them on the table in the sunroom for a few days then on the breakfast table for a while, even on the coffee table and the mantel.  You all know how that goes.  Always moving things around.

I love cobalt blue with the yellow of forsythia, as in this painting I did recently.

But I was in Wal Mart last week and saw this wonderful cobalt blue geo mesh.  I bought some, came home, and made a new wreath for my blue front door!  They had a great price of $4.99/roll, just not a lot of colors.

This little bit of forsythia has been all over my house, but I like it best with the blue of the wreath.

Oh, and since I don't have enough hobbies going on, I've started selling on EBay!  Now that's work, y'all!  If I can ever get this shipping stuff straight, I'll be o.k.

I have some great items, lots of Aigner handbags that I've just reduced the prices on, most like new!

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