Sunday, April 27, 2014

Faded Antique Photographs

I was going through dressers, closets, etc., and came across an envelope filled with probably 80 or more antique photographs. There were 2 postcards, postmarked 1912, and 1914.  I believe the photographs are mid 1800's.  Some of them had the identies of the subjects listed on the back of them, and some said, "unidentified".  That's sad to me.  Some of them say things like, "presumably the daughter of .......".  There are some photos of folks that we know.  My husband's grandfather and uncles, his father's baby picture, which is identical to my husband's baby picture.  They look like identical twins!!  We think that my husband's paternal grandfather probably had this collection of photographs.  Most of them are on the hard card type paper. There are a few tin types.

Here are a few of the photographs.

Sweet baby picture.

Have you ever noticed that in the antique photos, no one smiles?  I can imagine this being an old maid school teacher!  Can you?

This one is labeled, unidentified.  I imagine she may be a spoiled wife to some young well-to-do gentleman!  At least she has some semblance of a smile!  Look at thos huge sleeves, and her fancy neck line.

The dress interests me in this photo.  It is ornate at the top, but the skirt looks thick and wrinkled.  Interesting!

This one "presumes" she is the daughter of "so & so".  Look at that hairdo!

This may be the sister to the one just above, according to the info on the back.  Such a pretty girl!

The handsome military man in the photo on the right, is the great uncle of my husband.  We have a set of silver (coffee pot, sugar, creamer) that he gave to my husbands parents at their marriage.  We have his Military trunk also.  He was a Colonel.  This is his daughter he is holding.  

The "family" photo here, is the Renew family.  

We have many many more of these, and I am trying to come up with a way to display some of them for my husband.  I did find a frame and have the infant pictures of him and his Dad framed and displayed.   If you have any neat ideas of ways to display these, please share in the comments.  I have found a couple of pins on Pinterest, but none that have absolutely popped out for me.

Do you like going through old photographs?  These are so fascinating to me.  I will be doing some more research on these.  I'd love to know how to clean some of them.  The cards have some spots on them.  But so do I and I'm not over a hundred years old!!  

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