Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Little Changes at the Lake House

We are still at the lake house, and I've been having so much fun. I've done lots of small projects, and moved things here and there.

First off, we rearranged the living room, and I'm liking it so much.  Of course, any kind of change seems to freshen up things.

It's hard to tell much about it in these photos, but we switched the chairs to where the love seat formerly was.  This leaves it much more open toward the kitchen.  The love seat faces the sofa.  

I bought this candle holder a couple years ago.  It was pink, and over the winter, it had rusted and faded until it looked horrible.  Saturday, I painted it navy and turquoise.  So it has found a place on the coffee table, rather than outside.   This towel was only $1.00 at Dollar General.  It has turquoise butterflies and flowers, and white bird cages on it.  

This is a view from above the candle holder and towel.

I've had this bronze colored sign for a long time.  Yesterday, I decided to paint it!  I did so with acrylic paints, then scuffed it up a little with a sanding block.  It shows up so much better on the  wall now!

Another little paint project was to give this little bench a face lift.

It works well to hold this photo of my husband, his brother, and mother.

Does this picture look familiar????

It should!  The large image of it hangs in my office at home!!  I found the small one at Dollar General for $8.00, and couldn't resist it.  It goes well in the twin guest room.

Here's the large one in the office.

Another glimps of the master!

I made another blue wreath for the door here at the lake.  The flowers are white, with some blue colored berries instead of the yellow like at home.  

I removed the picture in this frame from the barn in snow, and am using this lovely garden scene for the summer.

I found the sweetest green table at DG, and put it on the porch with a faux plant.

This wooden basket of wooden tulips got a face lift.  It had faded really bad, so I got the acrylic paints out and spruced it up too.

This wood 'pineapple' candle holder got painted white, with some distressing.

I placed a few of the antique photos I found on the dresser in the twin guest room, and also worked a little on the wall gallery I've started of my husband's family.

Nothing big, just small changes, but it makes everything feel fresher!

Do you like doing small projects?

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