Sunday, April 6, 2014

Touring Granny's House


Week before last, I had the opportunity to go back to the homeplace where my maternal grandmother lived when my siblings and I were growing up!! What a wonderful opportunity.

We had heard that the home was still standing, or at least part of it is.  My sister, cousin, and I made the trip down to check it out for ourselves.  None of us had been there in 50 years.

When we arrived at the place that we remembered as the home place, we could not see the old house. Whoever now owns the property has recently done a lot of grading, plowing, and clearing of land in the area, and we were so afraid that the old home had been pushed down and destroyed.

We climbed through a fence opening, covered in large briars to make our way down the old road bed that we could see. We estimated that it was 3/4  mile down to where "granny" lived.  I walked off and left the other two, I was so anxious to see what lay ahead of us.  The farther down I walked, the more briars, scrub trees, and undergrowth had grown.

Finally, I passed a tree line, and there in the distance was what was left of the old house.  The home was built by my grandfather in the mid 1800's.  It was a very modest home, with brick siding, tin roof, with 4 large rooms, 2 fireplaces, and a couple of outbuildings.  There was no running water, the well was just outside the kitchen door, under a shed that was built on to the kitchen.  No indoor bathroom facilities either.

Here are a few pictures I took with my Iphone.

This is the first view I saw when I came upon the home.
This was a bedroom.  You can see the roof of the front porch that has fallen on your left.  I remember a huge sleigh bed, a dresser, and large trunk being in the room.  When I was small, all the floors were covered with floral linoleum rugs.

Here is the inside of the bedroom.  The old fireplace was made of stacked rocks, covered with a white washed mud that Granny got out of the creek below the house.  My brother says that our Great uncle built the fireplaces.  Note where the wall has been torn out to the right of the fireplace.  You can see the ladder/steps up to the attic.

Our Grandmother passed away when I was 12, so 50 years ago. I believe that someonemay have lived here since she died.  The house was auctioned off as were most of its contents.  She had such gorgeous old tables, that I would love to have.  The pie safe that I madeover here belonged to her.  I have a few pieces of depression glass that was also hers, and a quilt that she made that my Mother saved for me.

The room below is the living room.  Can you believe these walls? They are gorgeous.  The sheetrock has been taken off, I don't think it just deteriorated away.  I believe some person did it.  I would love to have this wood to finish my basement.  Isn't it beautiful??  Sturdy as can be and no sign of termites (which Georgia is known for)!!

This fireplace is in the living room, and was also covered with white washed mud.  I remember these fireplaces looking as white as snow where Granny kept them so clean.  She brought white mud from her creek, and somehow used it as a morter, and it was extremely smooth and as white as snow.  

This room is in the center of the home, and served as a bedroom.  I remember an iron bed being in this room.

This is what is left of the kitchen (above).  The floor joists are so solid and no signs of deterioration. I believe someone has been getting the floor boards, since there are no signs of deterioration.  Just look at these doors! The roof top you see through the rear door is the shed that covered the well where water was drawn with a windlass and bucket. Sadly the shed has fallen down onto the well.

It's hard to see, but there are two shelves on the wall.  The stove was located on this side of those shelves.

This view is from the side, toward the rear of the house.
There used to be a porch all across the front, but it has fallen in to the point we couldn't even see the front, but we could get in the side door, so that is what we did.  See the rusty roof, and the old chimney?  My niece, who is a realtor pointed out how straight the roof line still is.

See the briars we CAREFULLY poked our way through!!

This shows the well shed top that has fallen down over the well.

We couldn't believe how well the siding still looks.  Don't you love this old door???  I think these doors would make lovely farm tables.

If you look closely, you can see a little of an outbuilding outside the home. We think it is the barn.  No way could we go down to it.

I remember these yards being sandy dirt, no grass, and there were gorgeous flowers everywhere you looked, especially rose bushes and dahlias!!  At the front of the house stood 2 large pecan trees that my Mom and her sister had named after their boyfriends!  The roots of those trees grew high out of the ground, and we played on them and dug up the sand with old spoons, filling up Granny's snuff cans that she saved for us to play with.  Such sweet memories!  The main thing I remember about Granny's house is the smell!  I can smell it still today when I try, and there was always lots of wonderfully cooked food for everyone to eat, and was always a huge crowd for Sunday dinner. 

I apologize for such a long post, but wanted to share this with you.  It had been 50 years since I had seen this place, and I had chills as I walked up to it.  It was a wonderful day, even though it was very sad to see how it has fallen into disrepair. I was at least happy to know it is still there.

Thanks for going on this journey with me to Granny's house!!

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