Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Few Face Lifts

I asked my sweet husband to bring our plants up to the screened porch.  We wintered them in the basement and didn't lose any. The Philodendron lost its biggest leaves, which it needed to do, and is starting over with smaller ones.  All the succulents and spider plants made it really well.

We're using the small ladder I painted again this year.


See this yellow plaque on the front porch?
I decided to give it a little face lift, using my free Valspar sample from a year or so ago.

I like the color much better , and the design too.  Before it said 
Welcome to our home.

I also added the chain to it.

I failed to take a before picture of this sign (Home Sweet Home), but it was also a yellow background with a bird house, apples, and the wording.

I used the same sample paint, then free-handed the wording and painted on the bird house.  Next I stamped it with 2 fleur de lis', then used some leftover stickers of daisies and butterflies.  It looks so much better.  The apples, and other designs on the before reminded me of the 80's.

 My birdhouse got a facelift, freshly painted.

I bought this cage at Lowe's on clearance last year.  I figured out that it opens, so I made a nest and eggs from spanish moss and smooth white rocks.  The cage is starting to rust, or obtain character!  :)

Just for you, shots from around the yard.
 From the front porch.

From the side porch.
 Looking toward the neighbor's homes.

 The pole barn where the tractor and equipment are stored.

My daughter's house.

BTW, she's doing a makeover to her front porch that I will share when she's through.  It's going to be so cute!!!  

Have you done any face lifts recently?  My husband pressure washed the pollen away today on the porches, and they look so great!  I finally got some petunias into pots which I'll show you next time.

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