Saturday, May 17, 2014

Creating a Welcoming Entrance

I buy so many items with the word welcome on them.  Welcome,
greet (someone arriving) in a glad, polite, or friendly way.  I hope my home always gives forth that vibe.  I want those who visit to feel comfortable and welcome, and not rushed away.

Here is my little welcoming spot as one comes up to the front steps.

The hosta is really growing.  I added the metal fence to keep the dogs away from it.  They love to lay on the hosta!!

I love the colors in this flag.  I have quite a few, but chose this one yesterday.

The angel with outspread wings is a bird feeder.

I like to think this represents a warm welcome to visitors. 

On the porch I have these to welcome guests.

 I painted this table a couple years ago.  It sits between two rocking chairs.  Today, I added the stripes.
 Then I added some colorful flowers to the vase on the table.

Of course, there is always a wreath on the door.  I'm thinking about putting the turquoise wreath back on it since I have so much of that color on the porch.

A Couple Paintings

I saw a large version of a painting similar to this at the Hen's Nest, and came home made my own painting of it. I love pictures of old houses, but did not buy it.  I don't do so well drawing houses, but I do love the "real" picture I saw, so now I have one resembling it.

I painted this a few weeks ago of an old home with a rock pathway to the mailbox.   I found the frame and the off centered mat at Hens Nest.  I didn't try to change the mat, I like the quirkiness of it being off center.

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