Sunday, May 4, 2014

Garage Sales in Full Swing Here

It is definitely garage sale season in NE GA.  I went to a consignment shop that is a favorite, today to check out their sidewalk sale, and on the way, I never saw so many garage sale signs.  Every mile or two, there was a sale.  I stopped at several, and they were all really great.  I found some very cute things and spent very little money.

First up was a sale at a nearby neighbor's home.  Had I known she was having it yesterday, I would have been an early bird. But she still had some good bargains today.  They were selling things for a quarter, a dime, amounts like that, and I spent $.70. Seventy cents!!

I got this darling picture for a dime.

I didn't ask her, but I think she may have painted it.
 It's probably a 5x7 or a little smaller.

I got 12 roses for a dime.

Some of them are in the yellow and green vase in the first photo, and the others are in this crystal bud vase, I bought at another sale for a dollar.

It's lead crystal, and I just love its size.

These 2 small pots with faux hydrangeas were a quarter each.

They fit perfectly in the little Michael's tote to which I added the graphic last year.  I just love how it turned out!!

At the consignment shop, I spent the most money.  $11 and some change.

I got this wonderful old enamel wash pan.

I remember having these when I was a little girl.  Sometimes we used them for our bath.  Ours had a red rim.

I will clean this one up, but right now, it's sitting in my master bath holding various items.

My diabetes test kit, some current medication, and vitamins, fit perfectly inside it, and it adds whimsy to the counter top too.

My other items from the consignment shop were these two vintage looking picture frames which each will hold 3 photographs.

You can read about all the antique photos I found at our lake house here.  They will look nice in these frames. 

Have you started going to garage sales this season?  They are in full swing here, and I'm enjoying them so much!!

I'll be sharing these new treasures with these great parties.

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