Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Screened Porch, Ready for Summer

I've finally gotten the screened porch ready for the warm seasons.  Nothing new, even the same plants.  Just a few changes.

 The Philodendron shed its largest leaves over the winter, and is putting on new growth.  It gets huge!

 The plant corner where I'm using the same ladder as last year.  I did add the blue stool.  This is its third color.  I bought it white/gray washed, painted it pink and gray, now it is aqua.That's the fun of small pieces like this.  It's a quick project to repaint it for a new look.

 My husband had this little red and white stool.  The chippiness is just too perfect to cover with paint!
 The bird house works nicely with my tiny stool, stenciled with Home Sweet Home.

 I added an angel made from sea shells to the spider plant.

 More buds on the cactus.

 My succulents made it through the winter just fine in the basement.

This metal basket only had greenery stuck in it, so I decided to take it down to the basement and pull stuff from my stash to make a colorful arrangement.

It hangs above the table and chairs.
I lined the basket with burlap, glued in some styrofoam, and started poking stuff in.  I think it came out pretty nicely.  That's a bird cage tied around the handle.  

One more look at the plant corner.  I love having all this back here, until it's time to wash the porch and screen, then it all has to be moved inside!!  Maybe I can hold the husband off that project for a while.  I hope so.

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