Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sharing Some Nice Finds, and Selling Stuff

I've been in selling mode for the last month!  I've had two yard sales, one here at Shadymont, and one at the lake house!!  I've made about $400 on EBay, and they requested I become a Network EBay Affiliate, so I did!







My first yard sale was held in my basement.  I had quite a few crafts I'd made, and some wreaths, and LOTS of "smalls".  No clothing, tools, or those kinds of things.  Just MY things that I wanted to get rid of!   Almost everything sold.  I put very little back into the storage bins!

SOLD, basket
I had the sale at the lake house on the front porch last Friday!  I got rid of lots of good things there too, mostly linens, blankets, comforters, towels, that type of thing.  A young lady whose home had burned hit the jackpot!  She was out early looking for items to replace some of those she lost in the fire.  For $28, I sold her a comforter set, 2 bedspreads, numerous sheets and pillowcases, a huge stack of towels, a large basket, pajamas, afghans,
all kinds of things.  I was so glad she could use them!!  She practically cleaned me out, but that was fine with me.  We met lots of neighbors we had never met, had lots of good conversation, and made a little money too!  So it was successful!

So, y'all know, since I sold all this and MORE, I need to replenish, right?

Today, I hit one consignment shop and one antique shop.  At the consignment, I bought this gorgeous tablecloth for my dining room, and this vase.

A wonderful tablecloth with a green pineapple motif.  

The reverse is green with white pineapple motif.

Then this sweet vase made in Portugal.  Love the combo of yellow and green.  

Something else I bought at the same store a couple of weeks ago are these two small lamp shades for my office.

They fit perfectly on this antique lamp.  Love the swirly fabric.
 They match the shade I had added these beads to a couple years ago.  They all sit on my desk.  Love the look!!

So these are some of my latest treasures, both sold and bought, but guess what????  My favorite shop is having a sidewalk sale tomorrow morning, their biggest yet, and believe me, I don't want to miss it!!!  I'll be there early, Lord willing!

Have a fabulous weekend!


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