Thursday, May 15, 2014

Whimsical Old Enamel Wash Basin & A Makeover

I recently showed you this old dirty basin I bought last week.

You can tell it has been used, that's for sure!!  I cleaned it up and decided on a great use for it!

Our house has 2 1/2 baths.  The guest bath is small and has no window so it's quite dark.  The master bath has a huge soaker tub, large shower, and LOTS of light coming through the  44" window beside the tub.

It dawned on me that at some point, a guest might prefer the larger bathroom. So I decided to make this old wash basin a useful, yet whimsical, piece for the master bath.

I had a card of these stickers bought for 50 cents at Michael's.  So used one to add some beauty to the old pan.

 Next, I cut a piece of fabric I had left over from recovering the bathroom stool and used it to line the bottom of the wash basin.  Then I started adding items a guest might need,
shampoo, bath soap, lotion, razor, shaving cream, bath cloths.

 It sits on the corner of the tub next to the bath towels' tower.

I love the touch of whimsy, and it's useful as well, and since I placed it in the master bath, I get to enjoy seeing it.

One other thing I did with the leftover fabric from recovering the bath stool, was to cover a small stool I use to climb into that tall monster master bed we sleep in!

I searched for a photo of the previous fabric on this small stool, but could not find it.  It was lavendar floral.

Now the stool in the bedroom.....

matches the one at the vanity in the bathroom!
And, I still have a small piece of fabric left.  

I just love the old black and white wash basin, and the touch of whimsy it adds to the bath.


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