Thursday, June 26, 2014

English Country Cottage Style PART I

I love English Country Cottage Style, all the roses, pictures, quilts, etc.  As I look around my home, both inside and out, I see touches of it, here and there. For example, I love using doilies, faux flowers, quilts, lots of tables, floral fabrics, and many other items that I consider to have an English  Country Cottage look.  So today, I am sharing various ways I've incorporated these items into my decorating style.

This vignette sits atop a fern stand in the sunroom.

This is my current centerpiece on the coffee table.  I updated this bamboo box, by painting it in certain areas, and lining the inside with a matching fabric.  It holds 2 bouquets of tulips, one lying in the box, and the other standing in an aqua ball jar.
A burlap runner I made is underneath the centerpiece.

On a table in the entryway, I have used a tablecloth in bold colors, 2 old sets of shutters, painted blue, and 2 vintage English looking plates, and a small lamp.  This is a favorite tablescape.  At least it must be, because it has stayed like this for close to a month.

Here you see a floral quilted runner in pastels, topped with tulips in a ball jar, an aqua jar filled with old silverware, and a crystal cake stand, and 2 floral hankies belonging to my Mom.

Here is a bouquet of red roses I made and wrapped with a white doily and green ribbon.  Another of my favorites.

Again, a small turquoise table with an old basket filled with floral stems.

Here I have used another rosy quilted runner atop a green table.

On a recent thrifting trip I found this English garden shower curtain for only $5.99.  It mingles well with the green towel tied with burlap, and the burgundy floral arrangement.  The arrangement sits on a plant stand with 4 swiveling shelves.

This fabulous awning striped fabric was only $3.00.

What sings English more than blue/white dishes and pink roses!  This picture is at the lakehouse.

Outdoor setting on front porch at lakehouse.  I freshened the basket of flowers up with some acrylic paint.

Here a faux plant adds a punch of color to the porch.

A vintage embroideried tea cloth looks pretty on the green oval table.

Here I layered a quilted rose runner on top of the pink gingham round tablecloth, which gives this round table a comfortable vibe.

Lace curtains hang on the french door to the master suite. 

The old pie safe reminds me of long ago when it stood in my Grandmother and then my mother's homes.

Here in the breakfast area, I have a combination of woods, some painted, and some not.  I've carried that throughout the house.

Quilts add comfort to any room.

Most of our beds now sport quilts, and bright colored pillow shams.

This floral pillow goes well in the sunroom.

I use old vintage plates to decorate the mantel, and other areas.

My style is probably considered by most to be eclectic, but I love having touches of English Country Cottage Style throughout.

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Some New Treasures

Since I needed to go purchase some concrete pots for flowers for my MIL's grave, and her brother's, I hit a yard sale and an estate sale too.

At the estate sale, I found this gorgeous 2piece chip/dip set.  Lovely design, and they look so good together.

At the estate sale, I also found this wonderful metal vase already painted turquoise.

The chip/dip set and the metal vase were a total of $2.00!!

Wish I had gotten there earlier, as there was very little left.

At the yard sale which was on my street, I got lots of items for $4.25!

This wonderful lighted piece for Fall, these two cowgirl signs for my granddaughter's room, this wonderful urn, and I also bought a picture frame, but left without bringing it home.  I figure the seller will probably come by and drop it off, and if she doesn't, I still made a good haul for the money.  My granddaughter loves horses, so I thought I would get these for her.  She's about to "take over Bubs' room" according to her.  He's moved out on his own, and she wants the bigger room, and has said she wants purple in her room, so these should work.

Look at this wonderful old book, copyright, 1936, Northwest Passage by Kenneth Roberts.

leather bound, and 78 years old.  Free!  It looks like its going to be a good one too.

Hope you've found some new to you treasures!!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Simple Projects

I'm still battling whatever it is I have!  I go to the heart Dr. tomorrow, and a lung specialist on Aug. 5th.  I'm hoping the heart Dr. can get the lung specialist to see me sooner, or recommend another one.  I have been so sick. Sicker than I can remember in a very long time.  I'm so hoping I can get a handle on this and get better.  I've forced myself to do a couple of very easy projects today, since I've now been up for 18 hours! (Woke up at 3 AM and could NOT go back to sleep!

Anyway, I painted a simple still life.  I copied it from a vignette I had on a book case.

 Once I completed the painting, I moved the vignette near the painting in the family room.  I'm enjoying seeing something different!

This only took me about 45 minutes (at about 5 AM)!!

Next I painted the knobs and handles on the book case in my office.

I plan to buy some new ones, but will wait for a good deal, so for now they'll be like this.  So there is my simple project, done without much use of energy.

Do you like doing quick projects?  They are my favorites!

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sprucing up the Porches

A couple weeks ago, I made a trip to Lowe's and bought a fern, a shepherd's hook, and a new hummingbird feeder, some succulents, and a few more items.  Once I returned home, I got busy rearranging the front porch, and sprucing up the little garden area near my front steps.

I moved these adirondack chairs to the end of one side of the porch and used the old cushions in them.  Adding the table provides a place for a nice cup of coffee, or a cool drink.

The rockers are in their usual spot, but I added new cushions.  I also added a citronella candle, and an arrangement in my old well bucket.  This bucket is the one we actually used when I was a young girl.  We had running water, but if the pipes froze in the winter, we could still "draw" water from the well, and this is the bucket we used.  (I know that information, ages me somewhat, but whatever.....right?)

I switched out the Patriotic wreath for this turquoise one until July when I'll switch back.  I added this burlap chevron bow for a simple change.

(the white door goes into the dining room)

To the right of the steps, I added some more items.

As you can see one of our dogs loves to get close to the house when it rains, and she keeps it muddy.  I have her trapped out now with the fencing, so hopefully, I'll get that area painted soon.  Here is the hummingbird feeder.  I looks like an antique bottle.  I bought it at Lowe's.  I added the fern, and moved the bird feeder beside the petunias.

I've had this praying angel for a number of years, and still love having her in this area.
My hosta is still growing profusely (since the dog "Queenie" can't lay on it anymore). 

I need to divide and transplant it before it gets too hot!

My succulents in a strawberry pot.

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