Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Finding Fabulous

I've been under the weather for some time, so when my husband offered to take me to my fave consignment shop, I was happy to go.  We enjoyed browsing the shop, and of course we came home with a few goodies!

I had seen this wonderful vase the last time I was there, so when I saw it again, I decided it should be mine!  I love the crazing, and believe it to be vintage with its lovely crazing.

I love the colors, and the raised design, and the gold just sets it off!!

I have it on my mantel holding hydrangeas and white roses (faux of course).

Isn't it pretty?
See the lovely crazing!  I think it was used a lot!

Here is the rear of the vase.  It is definitely reversible!  
LOVE it!!

Next is this sweet little "chest".
It has 3 deep drawers.  I haven't decided how I'll use it yet, but I loved the colors and of course the chicks!!

Love hoe the chick is painted to cover the corner.  

The other item we bought is this piece, for my husband.
He loves working with the tractor, and I loved the way tractor is spelled out on this piece, with old tools, and pieces.  I believe this piece is made for Tractor Supply  Company.  It had a Red Shed tag on it.

I plan to stain the wood just a shade darker, or maybe paint it.  The second 't' in the word is an old hinge.  The 'c' is a horseshoe!  Just the cutest thing!!

UPDATE 6/10/14:

Update on my health issues:  On 6/9/14, my husband and daughter talked me into going on to the ER because of my shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, and a few other MINOR symptoms.  My daughter as good as told me to get my butt to the ER or she would physically drag me there, so I went!

We sat in the ER 4 hours waiting.  They initially took vitals as soon as I arrived, and did and EKG, then it was waiting, and waiting, and waiting.  Finally about 2 AM, they called me in and the fun started!  Tests, tests, more tests, til 4:30 this afternoon.  Then finally they told me it wasn't my heart, but probably my lungs, so now I have to go on to the Cardiologist to establish myself as his patient so he can work with the Pulmonologist to decide a course of treatment for me.  

I already had made an appt. with the Cardiologist prior to the ER visit.

So tomorrow I'll make an appointment with the Pulmonologist and go from there.  So I'll let you know. Oddly enough, and probably strangely enough, I feel a sense of relief.  Heart problems are the #1 killer of women, and the lungs is #3, so I guess that's better????? I had lots of prayers going up for me today, and I give God all the glory for coming through this so far, and am trusting him to do the rest!  I know I can be healed, and am claiming it!  Please add me to your prayer lists.  I'd really appreciate it!

I'm going to these wonderful parties!!

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