Saturday, June 7, 2014

Lucky 21 (Dollars, that is)

I had another post ready, but I was so excited about my yard sales finds today, I just had to go ahead and tell you about it!!

Y'all remember when I told you about the little chair I got for $15.00, last week?  Well yesterday and today, that same subdivision was having yard sales, house, after house!  Oh Lord, y'all, it was fabulous!  I hit several jackpots, and am so excited to tell you about them!

First home I went to, I bought 2 lamps, and a great picture for $13.00!

 These beauties were only $5.00 each, they are HEAVY!!  I love the pineapple motif!  

This picture was $3.00, and it is huge!  I'm pretty sure it is going to the lake house.  We use lots of blue there, and have other pictures in the living room there that have the white washed frames, so this will work great there!!

Here are the lamps in the family room!  I'm using the shades that were in this room until I can find what I want. I think I want drum shades.

These will do fine until I run upon some at a good price.

 This would make a sweet gift for a wedding, an anniversary, or any occasion.



This basket and everything inside it was free!!
The lady where I bought the chair recently was moving out of her home today, and put a bunch of things at the curb for free, just as I came to her house.  I got the basket, the patriotic "Family" sign, 7 craft magazines, a large floral box of potpourri, an Engilish Primer, the cutlery tray (which I put in my makeup drawer as an organizer), and this item from there, was also free!


One Gallon Glass Jug with handle!


 Purse ($1)  had to redo a little of the braiding on the handle, took 2 or 3 minutes to fix it.   Pin: (.25c)
 Earrings  (.50c)
 Totebag  (.25c)  (corners worn)

Inside of totebag.


Put Duck Tape on corners, and a strip of it down the front, then pinned the pin on that!  Viola!  New bag!!  I love it it is so light weight!  Will make a fabulous makeup and meds bag for trips!! 

These sandals were from Dollar General, $6.

 Pj's, shorts, and a dress for my granddaughter, $2 Total!


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