Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Makeover of an Old Bamboo Box

A while back, I gave an old bamboo box a makeover.  I was in the basement, with no camera, and picked up this box, and just started painting it with leftover paints I had.

Sorry there's not a before picture, but you will get the idea, it was just plain bamboo wood, no color other than the way it came.

Here is what I did to update it and make it more likely that I would decorate with it.  If you follow me, you know, Aqua, Turquoise, and greens are some of my favorite colors.  So, as usual, that is what I used.

So, if you can, imagine it all being like the gold/brown you see here.

Here is the top of the box.  I used some pale yellow and the aqua on the top.

The ends of the box has these huge rings that I love.

(this photo shows the color best).
I'm really liking this box about now!
But I continued working on it.

I took some old fabric scraps and glued it inside the box lid and the box itself.

Today, I found this graphic from, and mod podged it to the back of the box..

Here, it is with it attached to the box.  Isn't it perfect??

What else did I do with this piece??

I made a centerpiece with it!!  I added tulips from Michael's,

 I wrapped lace around this bunch, and added this bird and cage to it.

With the other bunch, I wrapped one of my Mom's hankies around the stem, and stuck it into this Ball jar.

I added the tulips and an aqua shell shaped soap dish to the box, and the Ball Jar was then added.

 This is one of my favorite makeovers!!!
I love the colors, the box, the lining, and the pieces I used to complete the centerpiece.

Not to brag on myself..... but I think it is just beautiful, EVEN if I did do it!  So, I'm tooting my own horn on this one!  It screams summer, and it will sit here for quite a while!  

What do you think?  A keeper????

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