Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sprucing up the Porches

A couple weeks ago, I made a trip to Lowe's and bought a fern, a shepherd's hook, and a new hummingbird feeder, some succulents, and a few more items.  Once I returned home, I got busy rearranging the front porch, and sprucing up the little garden area near my front steps.

I moved these adirondack chairs to the end of one side of the porch and used the old cushions in them.  Adding the table provides a place for a nice cup of coffee, or a cool drink.

The rockers are in their usual spot, but I added new cushions.  I also added a citronella candle, and an arrangement in my old well bucket.  This bucket is the one we actually used when I was a young girl.  We had running water, but if the pipes froze in the winter, we could still "draw" water from the well, and this is the bucket we used.  (I know that information, ages me somewhat, but whatever.....right?)

I switched out the Patriotic wreath for this turquoise one until July when I'll switch back.  I added this burlap chevron bow for a simple change.

(the white door goes into the dining room)

To the right of the steps, I added some more items.

As you can see one of our dogs loves to get close to the house when it rains, and she keeps it muddy.  I have her trapped out now with the fencing, so hopefully, I'll get that area painted soon.  Here is the hummingbird feeder.  I looks like an antique bottle.  I bought it at Lowe's.  I added the fern, and moved the bird feeder beside the petunias.

I've had this praying angel for a number of years, and still love having her in this area.
My hosta is still growing profusely (since the dog "Queenie" can't lay on it anymore). 

I need to divide and transplant it before it gets too hot!

My succulents in a strawberry pot.

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