Sunday, June 1, 2014

What a Bargain!!

I've been keeping my granddaughter since school got out for summer vacation, and today she wanted the two of us to go for pizza for lunch.  So on the way there, we saw a sign at a nearby really nice subdivision that read "Moving Sale".  After our lunch, we came back and went to the sale.  The lady was letting everyone go through her home.  She was trying to sell everything, and had done a fine job it seemed.  There wasn't a whole lot left considering the size of the home.  I did notice one little treasure that I didn't pass up.  A sweet chair......with curvy legs......a beautiful design on the back...and.......a.....needlepoint seat!!

Isn't she pretty?

Her pretty back design.

 Her needlepoint seat.

Nice curvy legs!

Guess how much I gave for this pretty little chair??????  Any idea??????


Now, do I paint her?  I'm thinking she would be pretty in a beige with dark wax, and distressing.

Then there is some pretty blue in the needlepoint design.

There's always white, or if I want to keep it in this room, I could go with my favorite aqua color.  If I want it in my office I recently madeover (here), I could paint it Copper Patina to match the walls.

How it looks in the office:
Needlepoint colors ~ Similar to rug

Works ok with desk...... hmmmmmmm.....

Decisions, Decisions!!

When I decide, I'll let you know! 

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