Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Creating Curb Appeal (on the front porch)

My daughter, Pam, recently updated her front porch, and decorated it for Summer.  I will share what she did with you.

She has a 2-story home with an  "L" shaped front porch.

First she painted her porch floor, black.  She originally had a front door with an oval glass in it, and painted burgundy.

You can see it a little in this picture of Nova sitting on the steps during snow, last Winter.  

After painting the floor earlier, she decided to get a new door, and decorate her porch.

Here is the new door, which she painted black.

She is enjoying this door so much better.  You can see the wreath I made for her.  

She added the decorations and flowers for the summer, and they are looking so good.

We found some clips for hanging on vinyl online.  

Drop cloth curtains were added to the porch.  She used Rit dye to color the drapes.  She used black wroght iron curtain rods to hang the drapes.

She hung 3 drapes.

Here she hung a flag, and a bird feeder to the front side.

A hammock swing was added for seating.  It is plenty sturdy for adults, too.  Her husband attached it to a truss.

A fun item added for the Clematis to grow on, is this ladder from her bunk beds.  She painted it and distressed it.  Since this was photographed, the plant is running up the ladder really well.  

Ghe window was hung on the wall, but the clips are not strong enough to hold it, so she is looking for a different way to attach it to the wall.

Don't you love this sign??
"What happens on the porch, stays on the porch".

Here is a piece of artwork I painted and gave to her.  Even her candle in the pail matches.  The little table is a Queen of Hearts find, of course.

In  progress......

There are 2 rockers with matching cushions in blue and green.

Here she had painted the old front door turquoise, but since has changed the door and painted it black.

She has a dual ceiling fan with the light in the center.

I think it turned out so pretty, and she now has a very inviting front porch, with great curb appeal.

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