Monday, July 14, 2014

Getting Some Help

Not my usual post:

If you've read my blog recently, I've mentioned being under the weather, and not being able to get a quick appointment with the Dr.  My appointment with the lung doctor is slowly inching towards me, FINALLY!  August 5th is the day.  Anyway, as much as I dislike having to do it, I'm getting some help with my household chores.  My daughter and I put a notice on Facebook that I needed a house cleaning service, and received many offers, and names and numbers, so I settled on one and she will come tomorrow to do the normal weekly cleaning.

This feels weird! I've always just done whatever I want, but I'm suddenly needing help with the cleaning.

As I looked around, I thought, OMG, I have so much 'stuff' sitting around, it might scare my help off.  So without making it a big job, I chose a few things to put away.  Now granted, there is still lots of 'stuff', but maybe it won't be quite as intimidating when she starts to dust!!

Needless to say, I haven't done many projects recently, though, I just might paint some today.  I've been thinking I might try a real "folksy, folk art" painting, along the lines of those my cousin does.  She has done some of the cutest paintings, and sold many.  She has one store that calls her when they need more paintings, so her talent has really paid off.  I'm not that talented.  I do like to try though.

We had a bit of bad news yesterday.  One of my husband's best friends, passed away, suddenly.  Young guy, 4 kids, two of them small.  They would appreciate your prayers, I know.  This came out of the blue, no warning, no illness, just gone!

Life has a way of jolting us into awareness, doesn't it!  We get comfy and placid in our lives, and suddenly that placidity is rocked.  My husband is really upset and having a hard time accepting this.

This too, shall pass.  Life moves on, no matter what.  So in the spirit of acceptance, I am just sharing a couple of photos that give me peace, and hoping that no matter where you are or what is going on with you, you'll find peace and calm.

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